A Thank You From The Founder. How You Can Help TheDesignAir In 2017

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Dear Avid TheDesignAir Readers,

I’ve really been taken aback by all the positive support this year from our readers. I want to thank every single one of you who took the time to get involved with the site in 2016. It’s been another great year, and we’ve celebrated reaching over 15,000,000 views in four years. We also now have broken the 10,000 subscriber mark. It’s amazing to see something that started just as a small idea grow to where it is today.

You may have noticed, I continue to keep the site advert free, to make sure that the site is clean and easy to read and not disrupt your user experience (Nothing worse than a pop-up window every three seconds!). Thanks to all your support, we managed to keep the site running the past twelve months. However, as I did at the end of last year (promise only to ask once a year), I am once again asking for your kind donations instead of resorting to advertising to support the site.

As you can imagine there is a huge amount of time and effort that goes in to creating this site. If you feel you have benefitted from what I’ve created, or enjoy what we are all doing here at TheDesignAir, I’m just asking for a small donation (just click on the button below to make a PayPal donation – anything you feel represents the value to you whether it’s little or large), and as always, I’m keen to hear from you regarding how we can make the site better.


With new aircraft deliveries and products slated to launch in 2017 the industry has never been so exciting. We hope you continue to check back throughout 2017 to see how this truly fascinating industry continues to evolve. Don’t forget to subscribe for free, just click on the plus in the bottom left hand corner of the site, or if you are a technophobe, just email us, and we’ll subscribe you.

Happy Holidays wherever in the world you may be and Happy New Year.

Founder, TheDesignAir


  1. Shaun Londono

    Hi Jonny…Couldn’t imagine a day without swinging by thedesignair.net. Great articles, insights, and commentary. Congratulations on 4 years of success and all the best for many more!

    Shaun Londono
    Onboard Product Development – Customer Experience
    Delta Air Lines

  2. Kevin

    When will the article be posted about the tragic loss of Virgin America?

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