High-density premium seating is where it is at this year, and tangerine‘s new ‘Adagio’ seat for Aviointeriors is the epitome of this new trend. While the market for fully-flat seats has taken a few years to mature and settle, industrial designers are constantly making small changes to perfect the model from a cost, LOPA and passenger comfort perspective.


London design consultancy, tangerine has managed to “deliver an optimal customer experience in business class and meet this new demand,” as stated by their press release. Remarkably, the seat is designed for eight abreast, with a 2-4-2 configuration on the B787, one of the narrowest of modern twin-aisle aircraft.


Most will know that the 2 x 2 x 2 configuration on the 787 is pretty much ideal in seat width comfort, and anything more would be a tight fit, so this bold claim may raise a few eyebrows. The seats won’t necessarily be as wide as a 2 x 2 x 2 config, but they do boast a large footwell at 16″ wide, something some other seat designers struggle to boast.

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Eagle-eyed readers will notice that the screens are angled, which on first impressions gives an enhanced sense of space, however, a simple click and the screens can be popped into a viewing position, without the feeling your across-the-aisle neighbour is getting the perfect view of your favourite movie.


Customisable is the key word to seat manufacturers and airlines alike, as more and more passengers expect a unique experience depending on their chosen carrier. Aisle access is available for every seat as standard, however, the outboard window and inboard centre seats provide the airline with the option of an extended bed length.


The overall seat construction has been designed to enable rapid customisation of the design language, enabling Aviointeriors to quickly tailor the product to meet individual customers’ requirements. On wider-bodied jets, increased aisle access gives room for add-on features such as sliding doors that can turn Adagio into a mini-suite.


“Adagio is an intelligent solution to what is an increasingly challenging problem,” said Martin Darbyshire of tangerine. “Every airline is looking to raise the bar in the terms of their business offer, but at the same time, there are an increasing diversity of aircraft types being adopted. This range represents a significant challenge for designers and adagio offers a very good, balanced fit, without dramatic change being required.”

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Posted by:Jonny Clark

2 replies on “Tangerine Launch New Adagio Seat For Aviointeriors

  1. Any dimensional details released? Seat width, bed length etc? And what would the LOPA be in a 787 8/9 compared to say the BA CW or Eithad Studio?

  2. Its a cool seat, but this isn’t too remarkable an achievement. You claim its 2-4-2 but its really 1-2-1 with staggered rows… and this is common on the 787-9 already. Its a very nice seat but I don’t think its revolutionary. I also second the call for more details too. Actual specs please (if possible).

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