Philippine Airlines has opened a small, yet perfectly formed new lounge in Cebu’s new Terminal 2 which itself, only opened a few weeks ago. The lounge, designed by GRiT Design Studio and brought to life by Atelier Almario showcases a new design direction for the carrier, with a homely, warm and inviting space, following the recent trend in lounges across the globe.


Touted as an “oasis of rest and relaxation…where our business class, premier elite and Mabuhay class passengers will enjoy,” by Chief Operating Officer Jaime Bautista, the lounge encapsulates the warm and welcoming nature of Filipino hospitality.


While natural wood finishes cover the space with warmth, the texture of stone provides a much needed dramatic contrast to balance the space. There are great design touches, such as the multi-faceted cantilevered reception desk which is adorned with a background of tribal tapestries cut and laminated on backlit glass. 


Also featuring in the 190sqm lounge, is a carpet tile collection that depicts and pays tribute to the country’s oceans and seas by Net Effect. The company actually gives back to their local communities which provides sources of income for small fishing villages in the Philippines while cleaning up their beaches and waters.


The Mabuhay lounge also features PAL’s trademark food and beverage selection. It will also offer free Wi-Fi access, flight information display systems and a view of the tarmac.


“A majority of the design is inspired by a tropical and resort feel while at the same time still giving off a five-star lounge feel. [After all] MCIA Terminal 2 is a resort airport,” said Bea Cabagay, one of the designers on the project.

The Big Picture

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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