Air France has just introduced brand new downtown ticket office concepts in Toulouse and Bordeaux. The airline has taken a bold move to align their non-airport outlets with their new ground products currently found in CDG. With a new design, virtual reality experience and new organization of the layout, the new Air France ticket office puts the customer at the heart of an immersive experience in the company’s brand universe.


With brand being so important to the passenger experience, the airline has tried to bring the essence of what it is like flying with Air France to potential consumers. This shop-front showcases the importance Air France places on brand and immersing passengers in a similar design universe.


The new Air France ticket offices, like the Bordeaux office showcased above have completely redesigned areas as well as a new functional structure. These include a chic, relaxed sales area and a “Design by Air France” area placing the brand universe at the heart of the travel experience, where unique Air France products and accessories such as comfort kits, suitcases, travel bags, passport holders and baggage tags are available for purchase.


There is also a digital emphasis, reflecting the airline’s current digital drive including a “Travel by Air France” area where projections and contents of the company’s digital travel guides will “give the customer the feeling of having already arrived at their destination,” as their press release states.


Air France is placing digital services at the heart of this new ticket office concept all of which are designed to enhance the passenger experience. These include making online appointments via a dedicated app with an expert travel advisor; self-service desks with digital tablets; a virtual reality experience to discover the new travel cabins and destinations and personalised tips adapted to each customer’s profile and expectations.

After Nantes, Toulouse and Bordeaux, this new concept will be progressively deployed at the Air France ticket offices in Nice, Lille, Lyon, Strasbourg and Marseille.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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