China Airlines Introduces Refreshing New Summer Menu And Dining Innovations

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China Airlines has won countless awards from TheDesignAir over the years due to its constant drive to quantum leap their cabin product. Now at a truly international level, the airline is investing in to new dining concepts that both innovate and get the taste buds going.

This summer, China Airlines is introducing a number of summer-themed offerings in its in-flight menu. There is the Okinawa-only hand-painted eco-friendly boxed lunch, Italian gelato on European routes, refreshing complimentary plum juice for Business Class and a variety of other summer beverages that will provide travelers with new and cooling catering services to “beat the summer heat”.

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The new eco-friendly lunch boxes go towards tray-less meal services on shorter routes as part of its corporate environmental sustainability initiative. These recyclable grease-proof paper boxes that can be heated up and are now used to reduce the consumption of detergents and the discharge of washing water.

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The limited edition eco-friendly boxed lunch features drawings on the theme of “casual travel and travelers’ expectations” designed by the executive chef at China Pacific Catering Services. The boxed lunch will be introduced to the Economy Class on Okinawa routes from July onwards. Summer light menus such as Minced Pork and Mushroom Sauce with Noodles as well as Stir fried Shredded Chicken with Preserved Vegetables overBlack Rice will also be introduced at the same time as part of the new environmentally-friendly approach.

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Meanwhile on long-haul European routes, China Airlines is partnering with a well-known Italian gelato brand for the first time to offer a range of classic low-fat gelato as dessert in all classes in August. The airline has also introduced new sparkling beverages made with fruit juice on these routes.

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Responding to the trend of using local flavours and ingredients, China Airlines will offer seasonal adaptations to the in-flight menu, incorporating local Taiwanese ingredients to cater to the preferences of local passengers. 

China Airlines is working to promote specialty cuisine on the international stage, and their cuisine, which we’ve covered in the past certainly sets a high bar.



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