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Air France has just announced the opening of its upgraded JFK lounge. The upper level of the lounge has been updated and renovated to offer passengers a Parisian bistro dining experience prior to their quick night flights back to Paris.

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The airline has started to step away from its existing aesthetics on the ground, with the large swathes of white and wooden veneer being replaced by more residential finishes and a more intimate, warmer approach to the space, similar to the new lounge available in CDG.


In this area located on the mezzanine, new furniture and imitation leather couches, inspired by a Parisian brasserie, have been custom designed to offer ‘a convivial atmosphere,’ according to the airline. The mezzanine floor features light and anthracite grey shades through the new furniture. In total, the area is equipped with 34 tables for 2, a high table with 6 seats for dining opposite the runways and a round table seating 6.


The night service, available since 2016 gives all passengers a chance to enjoy a good night’s sleep on night flights between New York and Paris and enjoy the same gourmet French meal in the airport lounge as the one served on board, with their meal served direct to their table. Each customer can enjoy a full meal comprising a starter, hot dish, cheese, dessert and a range of wines and Champagnes.

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The upgrades don’t stop here however, as from February 2019, this Air France lounge will also introduce a range of new attentions dedicated to its customers’ well-being.

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