Just shy of KLM’s centenary, the airline has opened the first stage of its brand new lounge in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. The lounge now boasts a completely new setup, set over tiered layers, with a brand new ‘trendy’ ambience.


The lounge features the latest technologies and innovations along with improved service and catering. While this is just a taster of what is yet to come, customers can already take advantage of this in a temporary setup while refurbishment of the second part of the lounge continues until its festive opening in summer 2019.


The international KLM Crown Lounge is located between the E and F Piers at Schiphol. The lounge caters to KLM’s most important customers travelling on intercontinental flights. The lounge has a new impressive entrance on the Holland Boulevard. Customers can access the lounge by escalator or elevator, are welcomed individually by personal lounge assistance and can gain easy access by scanning their boarding passes at the self-service devices. The lounge facilities are located on the second floor and on the newly opened, completely rejuvenated third floor.


The new decor of the KLM non-Schengen Crown Lounge focuses on providing customers with a completely new experience. KLM has set up different zones to satisfy the diverse wishes and requirements of its customers: work, relaxation, food & drink, entertainment and fine dining. Capacity has also been expanded in order to accommodate anticipated growth in the number of (intercontinental) lounge visitors in the future. Once renovated completely, the lounge will offer around 1,500 seats in comparison with the previous 800 and will boast a surface area of 6,800 m2 compared to 3,600 m2 now.

The “Polder” zone opened today, with a temporary setup offering extra seats – and therefore greater capacity – until the renovation process concludes in summer 2019. As of today, customers can already enjoy the Dutch Mountain for entertainment, and the new Sky zone bar on the third floor.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

5 replies on “KLM Opens First Stage Of New Crown Lounge

  1. In the meantime they are offending there own country people. As being Dutch I will never fligh with them. Service is below average. Stewardesses are above average and weight. Al in all no KLM for us anymore

  2. Just visited this lounge last week. In terms of looks it is a definite improvement with the previous lounge, but the food selection is still rubbish and the lounge still feels incredibly overcrowded. Time and time again the lounges in Europe cannot compete with their counterparts in Asia.

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