Turkish Airlines’ first 787-9 aircraft will arrive in just a matter of days at the airline’s new Istanbul hub. The aircraft is not only a new member of the fleet made up of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, but also features brand new interior products, brought to life by London based studio Priestmangoode.


Revealed on twitter, the handful of images shows a few snapshots of what the new cabin will look like when it comes in to service on 8th July, flying domestically while crews familiarise themselves with the new aircraft.


This is a distinct change from their previous business class product, which featured spacious, forward-facing older generation seats. These new Stelia Aurora seats certainly feature more privacy, with the sweeping wings creating walls between fellow passengers, however the seats also feature large footwells, which some passengers either mind or don’t mind.

But the seats certainly are a step ahead, with large screens, more storage, and a design aesthetic that now runs through the entire passenger experience, with ribbons and wave motifs adorning both the seats, the monuments and airport experience, through to the soft finishes from uniforms to blankets.


The motif also runs through the economy class cabin, which have been given a smart charcoal colour, accentuated by red splashes of colour, including the seat belts and behind the adjustable leather headrests.

We look forward to experiencing the product later in the year, on their first long-haul destination to utilise the 787-9, Bali. Stay tuned in a couple of months for our in-depth report of the flight, which will give the new business class a spin, and how the other latest developments, from new lounges through to new uniforms are working closer together across the passenger experience.

The Big Picture

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