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The latest renderings of Fiji Airways‘ A350 have showcased what their cabin and livery will look like – and quite frankly both are stunning. The airline, while opting for an incredibly minimalist design inside their latest airframe, has managed to encapsulate the feeling of a private jet with crisp lines and clean white and grey finishes.

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Opting for the well known and established Collins Aerospace Super Diamond seat, the carrier is leapfrogging its existing, angled lie-flat seats that gave the aircraft a (somewhat more tired yet still beautiful) boutique feel. While the existing cabin still works well for the carrier, with 2 x 2 x 2 seating well serving the huge leisure traffic to their home hub, this new seat isn’t exactly going to make people upset with it’s all-aisle-access offering and increased passenger space.


The carrier is also still sporting its fantastic livery that has garnered attention across the globe. The livery looks great on the A350, and is one of the best examples of a livery that encapsulates the roots of the carrier, while exciting the imagination of inbound tourists. The Pacific rim is well known for carriers like this, with Aircalin, Hawaiian and Air Tahiti Nui to name just a few.

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Inside economy, there’s no lack of comfort, as the carrier has opted for the standard 3 x 3 x 3 seating, which is made comfortable thanks to Airbus’ XWB frame. Again, minimal interior design sets the scene for the huge impressive screens that will flood the cabin with warm sunset and ocean imagery during boarding.

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While it would have been nice to see more texture and depth in the monument designs, the airline has adopted a unique Fijian design into their seats, with earthy tones and turquoise highlights.


Set to start flying on January 1st 2020, the new aircraft will be operating on Sydney and Los Angeles flights to start with, so for the most comfort, make sure you book yourself on to one of the A350s, however, if you are travelling together, the existing A330 cabins, although a little older, still give a lot of comfort, and it’s certainly one flight we remember fondly here at TheDesignAir more than 5 years later.


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