Starlux Airlines, Taiwan’s latest startup is starting to turn heads. Originally a start-up that – like most – had a questionable future, seems to be full-steam ahead with a recent uniform and A321neo cabin launch. It hasn’t stopped there though, as there have been signature scents and even homeware products that the airline has launched ahead of its 2020 start date.


The airline, which is pitching itself as the antithesis to the cost-cutting industry trend, is laying on a fully ‘luxury’ product, with fully-flat beds in regional business class, large TV screens in economy, A350 aircraft which are due to arrive next year, and luxury cabin crew uniforms that are setting the carrier above its competition.


The problem is, the premium Asian passenger is already well catered for. Both China Airlines and EVA offer high-end products, and across the waters, the airline will have to compete with the likes of Cathay, ANA, JAL and Singapore Airlines to name just a handful of premium propositions.


But that doesn’t mean it won’t work. The airline will have to have deep pockets, a fairly balanced growth plan and key network of destinations that will support it, as the main Taipei feeder market to Hong Kong is already heavily saturated with over 36 flights a day, which has no doubt taken a hit with the recent troubles in HK.


The airline is positioning itself well. The colour palettes, design elements and cabin designs look promising with many touch points referencing trends in automotive and fashion design. The airline is also looking at olfactory design, with a signature scent, something of an established trend in the hotel industry. It shows that the carrier is certainly putting the passenger experience front and centre, something which should put Starlux in good stead.


Details are starting to emerge more frequently now, so as the carrier continues to set its stall we will report on the developments. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with the following video, which helps showcase the intricate detail the airline is going to in creating what it feels, is the ultimate passenger experience.

The Big Picture

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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