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Regular readers of our site will know our admiration for the zen-like luxury hotel and resort brand Aman. They are one of our top hotel brands, alongside Soneva, for the ultimate in luxurious getaways. So you can imagine our excitement at the announcement of a brand new Aman Private Jet service that allows passengers to craft their own itineraries across some of the most remote properties around the globe.

Aman Private Jet - interior.jpg

Unlike the Four Seasons private jet, or Crystal AirCruises, this is a totally private experience, allowing a group of up to 12 people the opportunity to explore the world’s most remote destinations at their leisure. From the lofty peaks of Bhutan to the legendary reefs surrounding Indonesia’s fabled Spice Islands, Aman will now be renowned for making these destinations accessible to its guests in a brand new way.

Aman Private Jet - interior.jpg

Aman’s dedication to offering ease of access and the finest service available has now taken to the skies, with the launch of the Aman Private Jet – an airborne extension of the Aman resort philosophy. Available for charter to elevate existing multi-destination Aman journeys, to create bespoke itineraries incorporating several Aman destinations around the world, or for use between non-Aman destinations, journeys can be tailored specifically to the needs and interests of its guests.

Aman Private Jet - interior.jpg

Each booking is fully customisable and every itinerary flexible, with passengers having access to their very own Aman Jet Concierge, who will plan every detail of their travels, ensuring that each journey is an all- encompassing start-to-finish immersion in the Aman way of life. Aman’s Bombardier Global 5000 is one of the world’s most luxurious and spacious personal aircraft. Seating a maximum of 12 passengers, the plane can reach top speeds of 574 mph, with a range of 9,630km.

Aman Private Jet - exterior.jpg

With flexible departure times and seamless customs clearance overseen by Aman’s expert staff, passengers can commence their journey relaxed and stress-free. The Aman Private Jet itself is best- in-class in terms of speed, range and field performance, promising the smoothest ride possible for a restful flight. Guests can choose their in-flight meals ahead of their journey and will have access to their luggage throughout their flight, as well as constant, high-speed Wifi connectivity.

amankila suite 1.tif
The Amankila Suite, in Amankila, Bali

Other unique Aman touches include a tea ceremony and amenities from the brand’s all-natural range of Aman Skincare products. Catering for both short- and long-haul trips, the Aman Private Jet is ideal for group, family and corporate travel.

RS3142_Amanemu - Nagi Suite -hpr
A villa at Amanemu, in Japan

To celebrate the launch of the jet, Aman has curated four new journeys, incorporating multiple Aman properties, that explore some of the world’s most beguiling destinations in a unique and insightful Aman way. These include ‘Bali & Beyond’, ‘The Secrets of China’, ‘Indochina Past & Present’, and ‘From the Himalayas to the Sea’.


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