12NO REPRO FEE Aer Lingus uniform

Today saw Aer Lingus reveal its new look uniform which will be graced by its 4,000 cabin and ground crew around the world from 10th February. Created by the same Irish fashion designer who brought its previous threads to life – Louise Kennedy – the new look reflects Aer Lingus’ recent brand refresh.

11NO REPRO FEE Aer Lingus uniform

The airline hasn’t departed too far from its previous incarnation. Guests flying with Aer Lingus in the coming months can expect to still see iconic green, now dubbed ‘Kenmare Green’, as well as a greater inclusion of navy, entitled ‘Midnight’, throughout. In all, 25 garments have been designed giving crew and ground staff a greater variety of styles from which to choose.

01NO REPRO FEE Aer Lingus uniform

Diversifying its range, changes to the uniform include the addition of trouser and dress options, new jacket and coat designs for male crew, and easy-care shirts and blouses for the convenience of all crew. “For added comfort, garment materials have a level of stretch and are designed to fit and flatter all body shapes and sizes,” states the press release.

07NO REPRO FEE Aer Lingus uniform

While the new look uniform is the culmination of a two-year project between Aer Lingus and Louise Kennedy, involving extensive staff engagement as well as external research in Dublin, London, New York and Paris we can’t help but feel a little flat about the execution. The silhouette sadly isn’t that contemporary, and the Kenmare Green female jacket is quite boxy, but the attention to detail on elements like the cuff motif is certainly worth celebrating.

14NO REPRO FEE Aer Lingus uniform

Speaking at the announcement, Aer Lingus CEO, Sean Doyle said: “Our guests’ main engagement with our brand is with our 4,000-strong workforce of ground staff and cabin crew, therefore our uniform is an embodiment of who we are as an airline. The adoption of a capsule collection reflects the trends found in North America, the strongest target demographic for the carrier.

10NO REPRO FEE Aer Lingus uniform

“As with our logo and livery, our new uniform needs to reflect the modern, international airline that Aer Lingus is today; while also ensuring that our unique identity is retained and our values as an airline are reflected. Louise Kennedy has achieved that in the uniform that we are unveiling today, and it is the final step in a process that has seen over 500 points rebranded over the last 12 months.”

Irish fashion designer Louise Kennedy said: “We were honoured to be chosen to design the new Aer Lingus uniform. The brief from the airline was very clear and we were confident we could deliver a modern and stylish capsule collection which would endure for several years.”

03NO REPRO FEE Aer Lingus uniform

Louise Kennedy’s latest design for Aer Lingus is the airline’s eleventh uniform, with previous designers including leading Irish fashion names such as Irene Gilbert, Neillí Mulcahy, Digby Morton, Ib Jorgensen and Paul Costello. Aer Lingus’ first-ever uniform was a military-style rich brown suit designed by Sybil Connolly in 1945, which then became green a few years later in 1948.

The uniform is certainly on brand, but doesn’t seem to offer more than a professional, colour-blocked, on-brand capsule collection. We can’t help but feel there was a missed opportunity to push the brand further. What do you think?

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2 replies on “Aer Lingus launches new uniform re-designed by Louise Kennedy

  1. Another airline uniform that says n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Not even “airline”. The above ensembles look as though they were created for employees of a hotel or restaurant chain: particularly with those generic name tags. (Do the flight attendants not even wear wings?) The whole look is just so bland. But the new Aer Lingus livery is bland as well, so I guess that’s what current management wants.

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