AMAALA international airport - sunset view

Amaala, a luxurious destination located along Saudi Arabia’s northwestern coast, has just unveiled plans for a new international airport, with a design inspired by the optical illusion of a desert mirage which will act as a striking entry point to many International visitors.


There’s good reason the terminal might look somewhat familiar, it’s been imagined by Foster + Partners, who also created Hong Kong International Airport, Queen Alia Airport in Jordan and Stansted Airport in the UK, which all use geometric shapes and large spacious interiors. However this terminal and control tower design certain have a sharper, more futuristic approach, obviously learning from their previous constructions.

The UK-based design and architecture company was joined by Egis, who worked on the airport master plan. It will incorporate unique design practices, drawing inspiration from its location. The airport is due for completion in 2023, approximately five years ahead of the completion of the main resort. It is estimated to accommodate a modest million travellers per year once it officially opens, making it a fairly small project in comparison to some of the behemoth airports being built currently.

AMAALA international airport

Commenting on the announcement of the new international airport, the Chief Executive Officer of Amaala, Nicholas Naples, said: “A gateway to Amaala, visitors will be greeted by personalised experiences from the moment they step off the plane. From design to personalisation, this will be no ordinary airport. Immersed in the spirit of Amaala, the airport will create an environment that embodies the philosophy of the destination beyond. This will be a unique space that personifies luxury and marks the start of memorable experiences for the world’s most discerning guests. We are delighted to work with Foster + Partners and Egis on this project.”

AMAALA embarkement gate

The most striking architectural elements will be seen from the outside. On approaching the airport, travellers will see stunning land art. – including a giant Amaala logo – from the air. Entering the terminal, visitors will be greeted with a sleek mirrored edifice rising from the desert. The structure takes its inspiration from the surrounding environment, resulting in a mesmerising mirage effect. A spacious courtyard will anchor the terminal and will be complemented by contemporary interiors complete with unique artwork and tailored experiences.

The airport will reflect Amaala’s ultra-luxury hospitality spirit, providing an exclusive private-club experience while also encapsulating Amaala’s pillars of art and culture; wellness and sport; and sea, sun, and lifestyle. Among the list of amenities provided by the airport are climate-controlled hangars that will be available for private jets as well as a ground transfer service that is accessible from inside the arrival hangar.

Senior Executive Partner of Foster + Partners, Gerard Evenden, said, “Responding to the surrounding landscape, the terminal building will form an exclusive gateway to the AMAALA resort. The passenger experience through the entire building will be akin to a private members club – luxurious and relaxing. Focusing on the themes of art, wellbeing and sport, the design seeks to establish a new model for private terminals that provides a seamless experience from resort to aeroplane.”

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