Lufthansa is utilising this time to trial new economy concept products. While it recently announced that in economy passengers on short-haul flights will now have to pay for dining and drink options, on the long-haul network the carrier is currently testing a new Economy Class seating concept called “Sleeper’s Row”. This product follows the likes of Air New Zealand, China Airlines and even Air Astana who introduced similar concepts.

On long-haul flights between Frankfurt and Sao Paulo, passengers choose to upgrade their seat to an entire row of three or four seats either at check-in or at the gate. The Sleeper’s Row is a reserved private space for the passenger for the entire flight. Because the concept is to maximise revenues on lower load factors, this is a product that can’t be booked in advance, meaning those in economy will have to try their luck.

As well as reserving yourself 3 to 4 seats (depending if you have the side seats or centre block – which would offer a longer bed but less privacy), to add comfort the passenger also receives a soft topper mattress, a comfortable cushion and blanket in higher ‘Business Class’ style quality. Additionally the passenger can use the comfort of pre-boarding to be first in the Economy cabin at the boarding. 

Sleeper’s Row will be tested on Lufthansa’s Frankfurt – Sao Paulo route either way on both LH506/507 (which are both overnight flights), until the end of December 2020. During the test phase, the 3-4-seater row starts at an additional €220 or US$260 one-way with payment via credit card at check in and the gate only. Should customer feedback be positive, this offer will be rolled out to more intercontinental destinations within the Lufthansa Group network.

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Posted by:Jonny Clark

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