Last week, Airbus opened its paint hangar doors in Mirabel and let us peek inside where the latest aircraft is being painted for Air Canada. Instead of the usual black and white ‘Raccoon mask’ livery that Air Canada is now sporting across its fleet, the airline has opted to nod to its history, revealing its special Trans-Canada Air Lines design.

The livery design featured on the previous incarnation of Air Canada, before it changed its name in 1965 to the brand we know today. This mid-century throwback is a nod to the heritage the airline has built up over the years, and follows recent trends whereby most major carriers have painted one or more aircraft in a ‘Retrojet’ paint scheme.

This design is certainly striking, opting for a grey fuselage with Red cheat lines running the entire length of the aircraft. It’s not the first aircraft to feature this design recently, in fact, back in 1997 the airline painted an A319 in exactly the same scheme before sadly retiring it last month.

This A220 will soon join the fleet, which already features 16 aircraft of the type, and the same again still on order.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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