Hawaiian Airlines announced last week that unfortunately it will not restart its ‘Ohana by Hawaiian passenger service between Honolulu and Moloka‘i and Lāna‘i as well as its statewide ATR freighter cargo service. This draws a close to this unique daughter brand of Hawaiian Airlines, and with it, the striking livery designed by Sig Zane and son Kuha’o.

“This is a heartbreaking decision, particularly for those of us who were involved in launching the business in 2014,” said Peter Ingram, president and CEO at Hawaiian Airlines. “We took a hard look at the service and could not identify a way to restart and sustainably operate.”

It was a striking livery that symbolised the routes and origins of the carrier, in the distinctive Hawaiian Pink and purples hues. While we are still left with parent company Hawaiian Airlines with its beautiful Pualani livery, the pacific was a hotbed of creativity when it came to liveries. We take a look at some of those still left in the Pacific with their striking, colourful and distinctive looks.

Air Tahiti Nui

Another striking livery in the Pacific, the long-haul carrier of Tahiti, Air Tahiti Nui is a delightful visual interpretation of its home. Each hieroglyph adorning the tail section represents the flora and fauna of the islands. The Tiare is supported by manta rays, albatrosses, fishing hooks, waves and flora, all symbols of the famous French Polynesian islands.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines’ beautiful Pualani livery was recently updated to include a lei across the fuselage and additional flowers to the empennage to create excitement and a taste of these famous and striking islands before passengers even board. Hawaiian’s Pualani (girl on the tail fin) livery – created by Landor – has been in existence since 1973, albeit updated for todays traveller.

Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways now-iconic livery, revealed back in 2012, is yet another simple, striking and elegant design. On the aircrafts’ exterior, three Masi motifs will represent ‘Fiji Airways’. The distinctive Teteva symbol designed by renowned Fijian Masi artist Makereta Matemosi, is at the heart of the new brandmark revealed last month. Featured prominently at the center of the airline’s new brandmark and on the tail of the new aircraft, it represents the friendliness of Fijians’ and their deep caring nature. The Rova motif, on the aircraft engine, symbolises the warm greeting Fijians extend to visitors, while the Makare motif, which appears around the border of the Teteva on the tail, evokes the allure of clear water flowing on a white sandy beach.


Aircalin, the airline of New Caledonia has a bright joyful design. The large swashes of colour are certainly bold and will attract attention. The livery, now seven years old was designed by local PR and communications company White Rabbit. It is a blend of traditional symbols and innovative graphics, incorporating sculptural motifs inspired by Kanak art and stylised to create an overall design with an ultra-modern feel.


PNG Air might not be on the top of everyone’s tongue, but this Papua New Guinea airline will certainly turn heads wherever it lands. Speaking on behalf of the design team who created the visual identity, Principals Executive Creative Director Simon Wright said, “The design is fresh, unique, and clearly represents the best of Papua New Guinea. As with all our projects we took a brave direction, and PNG Air was perfectly willing to encourage our creative freedom.” He adds, “The outcome is spectacular and shows what can be achieved when the best creative minds are given the ultimate canvas – an aircraft.”

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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