While details are scarce, it seems that according to one of FlyDubai’s latest posts, the airline is introducing a regional business class product, most likely to replace its older recline seats.

While the airline has just hinted at the new product on social media, rather than a full announcement at this stage, it appears to be Haeco’s Eclipse seat, something that was originally speculated to be Emirates Premium Economy proposition.

While the airline has Thompson Vantage fully flat seats on some of its aircraft, this appears to be a logical solution for its shorter, regional flights. The staggered seats offer more privacy and space on the armrests, meaning more personal space per passenger. It’s not clear yet how many of these aircraft will feature these new seats.

It seems from the visuals its shared that the seats will feature at least three rows in a 2 x 2 configuration, and according to the airline, the seats can be identified by the aircraft type B737 MAX-8H. As we get more details, we’ll update here.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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