Air Arabia, the largest low-cost carrier operator in the Middle East, is celebrating 18 years of successful operations with a brand-new, more contemporary uniform reflecting the carrier’s modernity and youthfulness. The new design will be worn by the airline’s staff across its network and all operating hubs, including pilots, cabin crew, engineering and maintenance, as well as members of airport, ground operations and sales shops. 

Adel Al Ali, Group Chief Executive Officer of Air Arabia, commented saying: “As we celebrate 18 years since the first Air Arabia flight marked the beginning of low-cost air travel in the MENA region, we remain proud and humbled of the achievements that the team Air Arabia has accomplished so far. The aviation industry went through its toughest challenge during the pandemic and as we prepare for recovery, we continue our commitment to providing our customers with unforgettable memories at true value”.  

He added: “We are marking our 18 years of success with the launch of a new and dynamic uniform that reflects our forward looking and international approach while maintaining the core values of innovation and practicality that are at the heart of Air Arabia’s brand identity.”  

A bold cherry red acts as the hero for the whole uniform – especially for womenswear – while the silhouette and cut creates a more versatile modern shape. The male colour scheme is more neutral, featuring silver, grey and dark charcoal. Function is critical; therefore, practicality and effectiveness were fused with form to imagine a uniform that combines refined silhouettes with a wearer experience that is effortless and efficient. 

In line with its commitment to environmental and sustainable practices, Air Arabia has also partnered with the ISO certified YFC, a leading platform that supports people and organisations to become global sustainability champions, to help recycle the old uniform in the best environmental and socially responsible way. 

Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Air Arabia celebrates 18 years with launch of new uniform

  1. Uniforms that appear practical AND attractive. What a concept! (A feat U.S. airlines seem incapable of accomplishing.)

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