Transavia have recently launched their new Sky Interior version 737-800 which has joined the fleet. In addition to offering passengers greater comfort in some serious Dutch style e-Leather seats, this aircraft also consumes 3% less fuel per seat, resulting in a savings of at least 200 litres of kerosene per flight. Three more planes with these specifications will be added in May of this year and in 2013 and 2014.

The current fabric seat covers in the rest of the Transavia fleet are being replaced by high-quality E-Leather® seat covers. The innovative E-Leather® fabric consists primarily of leather remnants combined with synthetic fibres. The material has the same positive qualities of leather, but with significantly greater durability compared to fabric and is considerably lighter than traditional leather. It’s meant to be easier to clean and look after, whilst being lighter too.

Whilst Transavia has got three more planes on order with the new Sky Interior, most of it’s 737 fleet won’t have the new Sky Interior and it is looking like only the seats will get revamped, so sadly the chances are if you do travel with Transavia across it’s 90 plus routes, you won’t get to experience this new look cabin. That said, it’s nice to see an airline really push the boundaries with their seating fabrics. With regards to the mood lighting as well, I’ve seen small glimpses of a green lit cabin (can’t get any great shots of it I’m afraid), makes the whole plane look like a cool Amsterdam club like SupperClub. And hey, it isn’t just for the adults, as I’m sure it can amuse the kids too, as I can’t resist the urge to start building a Lego house on these seats.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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