So Alaska Airlines has in been some pretty itchy territory in the past few weeks with reports that 10% of their cabin crew have complained their uniforms give them rashes and some have suffered hair loss. Alaska have been quick to remedy the situation by offering alternative uniforms to all affected. The good news for the cabin crew though is that they will have much happier passengers from now on. As the 22 new 737-900 planes come in to service over the next 2 years, they will become a sweet haven for passengers.

Recently introduced Recaro seats into the cabin will mean an extra inch of legroom, without skimping on the comfort. These new slimline seats have won Red Dot awards for their design as they provide excellent comfort with a reduction in weight by 30%, saving the airline 8000 gallons per year per aircraft and also providing the cabin with extra legroom. This will come handy on the fairly long sectors that Alaska Airlines can fly. Paired up with the new sky interior, and a brand new first class seat, Alaska Airlines is hoping to refresh it’s cabin look and feel and compete with the super cool cabins of Virgin America.

Something has to be said about pseudo-European Virgin America, it really has pushed the airline market in Continental North America into investing in modernising their fleets. Whilst the larger legacy carriers will be slower to adopt new products in their internal market, the more nimble smaller carriers such as Jet Blue, Hawaiian, Alaska Airlines, Frontier etc have the ability to bolt on concepts to lift their product way above the American/Delta and United products.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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