We can’t recount how many times we’ve flicked the unlock screen on our phones waiting for a flight, hoping there’s a Facebook message or Twitter update that will keep us entertained. Now, thanks to the genius team at Seat 4A, we have an app that isn’t only slick and geeky, it’s super chic to boot. Flying is a bit like Big Bang Theory meets Apple. The premise is simple. An app that keeps you up to date with your travels and that of your friends. Like foursquare, you’ll earn badges for your travels, and nifty graphics showcase your travels with info-graphics that wouldn’t feel out of place in Wired magazine.


The quality here though is purely in the detail. We love the fact the stamps have been individually hand crafted, printed and scanned in…. no Illustrator here! Also, thanks to it’s coding, it’s unbelievably easy to use. Either put in the flight number, or the route, and up pops your flight and all the information you can eat. Whilst the app is fairly new, it’s available for Beta test from the Apple store for free now. We recommend getting this app, and join us this summer in getting obsessed with this beautifully crafted tool.


The team who created it said about their new launch “What connects us as a team is a sense of nostalgia for the way flying used to be. Being on a flight used to be a momentous experience; sadly today it has become an impersonal commodity. Our goal is to make the act of flying feel special again and, along the way, to bring some of the elegance and panache back.” Anyone that feels like this, gets a big thumbs up from us here at Thedesignair. Our only 1 gripe… no version for the iPad!

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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