Whilst Virgin Atlantic has been seen as a forward thinking leader in the airline field (although now with a wealth of other airlines also in the same field) it seems a nod to a bit of nostalgia is on the cards for their uniforms, which we announced a few months ago, are now designed by Vivienne Westwood. She has definitely put her stamp on the uniform, mixing a bit of British heritage, with the more ornate silhouettes famous to the British fashion designer.

Now on a wearer trial run, starting today at the airports, in Clubhouses and onboard, crews and staff will put the new design through their paces to check it wears well and remains comfortable during the working day. Luke Miles, Head of Design for Virgin Atlantic commented: “Our staff, and particularly our cabin crew, are some of the most envied in the airline industry when it comes to uniforms. Our iconic red outfits are globally renowned and when we make changes to the design, it isn’t something we take lightly. These wearer trials are a key part of the feedback process we engage in with our teams around with world. The uniforms have to look sleek, all the while being practical and easy to wear – its a challenging design brief but means so much to our staff and customers so we have to make sure we get it right. We’re confident our Vivienne Westwood designs will continue to turn heads in the airport and in the sky.”

Whilst the look may be a little vintage, the fabrics aren’t. Fabrics must be durable in order to withstand constant wear and tear. For the suiting garments the team have used fabrics with cutting-edge nano-technology which repels stains and enables clothing to retain its colour and finish for longer therefore the fabrics retain their shape over time and look pristine.

Whilst the uniform, might have been tired, it was certainly identifiable. We are having mixed feelings about this look. Whilst it’s a great look, and some elements we love, their seems to be a brand discontinuity between this retro image, and the new modern sleek look of their new products and planes. Elements we love include the fake label detail on the men’s jackets, which is quite innovative, and the Clubhouse uniforms including the colour blocked ‘faux-bow’tie. What we aren’t so sure about are the necklines & jacket lapels on the female cabin crew and the neck scarfs on the female pilots. It may take some getting used to, but sadly we don’t feel this is a uniform, like the Balmain Singapore uniform, that has the longevity to survive a long time.

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Posted by:Jonny Clark

6 replies on “Virgin Atlantic Showcase New Uniforms By Westwood

  1. Amazing, daring and different! I absolutely like it. What I like most is the distinct difference between the lounge personnel and cabin/airport staff. The uniforms for the lounge personnel looks more ‘cutting edge’; intricate lines, modern and funkier. For the airport and cabin crew, the uniforms are more ‘classier’, elegant, almost conservative, while maintaining a tailored and unique look. For the Clubhouse, the uniforms are definitely more service wear.

    Excellent job by Vivienne Westwood. The FA-uniforms reminds me of their old double-breasted uniforms from the early 90’s, and with that high collar the uniform gets a more authoritative appeal. Very elegant and personally in the same league as the Gianfranco Ferre uniforms for Korean Air and Christian Lacroix Air France (= “We look stylish and great, but don’t forget we’re also in command of the cabin”). The uniform for the flight deck crew looks solid.

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