Oh dear. Sometimes a Facebook page isn’t such a good idea. Last week Air Canada showcased images of their new cabin on their Facebook page. As we reported back in February,  the new 777-300 they have brought to their fleet was been configured in what can only be described as a step above “sardine tin”. Narrow seats, and tighter seat pitch means they have crammed in a whopping 458 passengers. Let’s put that figure into perspective. That’s similar to a 747 capacity, and the 747 is almost a foot wider, and whilst similar in length, don’t forget a 747 has an upper deck.


Since the images were showcased on the Air Canada Facebook page, the images have come under attack with mainly negative comments and passengers stating they will no longer fly with the airline. What’s more, passengers have stated the new business class seating has lost it’s edge.

We have to agree that the level of seat comfort is severely lacking in economy, especially on long flights. Previously, on a 3 x 3 x 3 seating arrangement, 45% of passengers could have direct isle access, compared to a reduced 40% now. But the worst news, is the economy passengers that are sandwiched in-between others has raised from 33% up to 40%. We are sure, Air Canada was hoping for a positive take on the new cabin, which features an updated IFE system, but this new configuration can only be seen as a way of generating more money, and less about cabin comfort. Ironically, the Air Canada Rouge (Their LCC leisure product) is actually more spacious! Haven’t they got these products the wrong way around? Perhaps it’s time to start booking with Rouge…


Posted by:Jonny Clark

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