The 3rd of Qantas' DreamTime Aboriginal Jet designs on the 737

Our friends Australian Business Traveller announced on their site today that Qantas is bringing another of it’s iconic Aboriginal ‘DreamTime’ Jets online. The airline says its new Boeing 737-800 will feature the work of a well-known (but as yet un-named) West Australian indigenous artist, and will be painted in its Dreamtime colours at Boeing’s factory in Seattle before being flown to Australia to enter service on domestic routes. This will be the fourth member of Qantas’ Boeing fleet to carry Aboriginal art, a tradition which began almost 20 years ago with the breathtaking Boeing 747-400 ‘Wunala Dreaming’.

Qantas isn’t the only airline to exhibit special one off designs for their jets. We take a look at some of the special one off designs in our gallery below. The list isn’t exhaustive, let us know which ones we’ve missed that are special in your eyes and we will add it to the gallery!

Posted by:Jonny Clark

3 replies on “With Qantas Bringing Back Aboriginal Art, We Take A Look At Unique Liveries

  1. Now “one of a kind” liveries are everywhere. Methinks you should give credit to the very first “wild” ones in the 1970s, namely Ecuatoriana on its 720s, and of course Braniff and its Calder-designed DC-8s and 727s.

  2. Wow, so many to choose from. These are the ones that definitely come to mind:
    Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 tropical colours
    Continental’s 777-200 in the Peter Max livery
    South African Boeing 747-400 Ndizani livery
    Malaysia Airlines Hibiscus and Heliconia livery
    My favourite: Gulf Air 50th year anniversary liveries: simply breathtaking as they are showcasing the beauty of Arabic calligraphy

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