Kenya Airways 787 Exterior 2

Just like the new 777’s that Kenya Airways launched late last year, Kenya Airways have released on YouTube a computer generated image of what their new 787’s will be like when they arrive. The first thing that strikes us is the new interior in the Premier World (business class) is the beds are identical to the 777 and are a vast improvement on their lie-flat seats that used to grace the front end of the fleet. Gone the tired and well worn seats, and all hail the luxury fully flat bed.


Unlike the 777 though, there is no awkward middle seat, a simple 2 x 2 x 2 seating configuration means that 66% of passengers have direct aisle access. And those with keen eyes may notice the similarity in design to the seats found in the new Royal Brunei business class cabin that we revealed last year. If that is the case and the seat build is identical, expect new ‘Countour’ seats that will offer a seat pitch of 79″ with electronically operated seat transition, translating leg rest and footrest, 4-way manually adjustable headrest and backrest with lumbar massager; the fully flat bed length will be 77” (6′ 5″) in length full flat including the personal Ottoman. There are also privacy screens, which are good news for solo travellers. However, no information has been released yet from Kenya Airways on the new seats.

Kenya Airways 787 Business Class

We do like the little details though in the cabin, such as the patterned fabrics used in economy, or the convenience bar in the doorway of the business class cabin, turning the entrance way into a pseudo bar area perfect for stretching your legs.With only 30 business class seats, this smaller intimate space should mean for a quieter flight and excellent customer service.

Kenya Airways 787 Business Class 3

Kenya Airways have followed the new tradition of squeezing in 9 abreast in the economy cabin of a 787, but with larger windows, better cabin air pressure and humidity as well as IFE, the experience should be a lot more comfortable. The colour tones inside are wonderful, modern and smart, and with an earthy hue nod to the heritage of the country.

Kenya Airways 787 Exterior

The airline’s livery seems perfectly suited to the 787, who chose not to create a special livery for the aircraft, but instead using the original design – created in 2006 – which works beautifully. Interestingly the aircraft has bright red nacelles, a first for the 787, which (apart from British Airways’ navy blue engines), have been relatively neutral in appearance for performance reasons.

We look forward to seeing the new aircraft grace the skies soon – date TBC.

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