We are so happy to finally announce a brand spanking new video for Virgin Atlantic. One of the original pioneers in ‘cool and original’ safety videos, the British Airline has once again shown what it can do when it put its mind to it. Taking inspiration from iconic titles such as Brief Encounter and 2001, A Space Odyssey, its launch is perfectly timed with the upcoming Oscars. We can’t help but think this has been a long time coming, and no doubt spurred on by the super successful safety videos Air New Zealand have produced over the past 2 years.


Created by design agency Art & Graft, animated characters take the viewer on a theatrical journey through different movie genres, including film noir and western, to capture the attention of passengers and inform them of the aircraft’s emergency procedures.

Leon Trigg, Production Manager at Virgin Atlantic, commented; “As the pioneers of inflight entertainment, we wanted to create a video that reflected the airline’s love of cinema, whilst continuing to advance our reputation for quality and innovation. This video will be watched thousands of times a week, so it was vital it had the cheeky Virgin Atlantic edge we’re known and loved for.”


“Art & Graft have embraced our focus on films, which runs throughout our marketing and advertising campaigns, to create a video which should amuse and engage cutomer, whilst demonstrating the airline’s key safety messages.” British Comedienne Morgana Robinson complements the video with her quirky voiceovers, setting the tone with different accents and impressions for each movie genre. The movie, which runs for the same length (give or take a few seconds) has been commented on for being too long, however we disagree. It’s the perfect length, not feeling too rushed, nor too time consuming.


There are elements we love, a nod to the fact ‘no one ever really used to pay attention’, the ‘high heeled shoes’ element that was the most memorable element of the previous safety video, and the fact the original safety video cameos in this one. The animation style is fresh and contemporary, and instead of trying to gain popularity with more gimmick-led ideas that Air New Zealand, (who still produce amazing video content) Virgin Atlantic have produced something that will last. People may actually notice the aircraft featured appears to be the 787, so they are certainly pushing for longevity with this safety video.

Good on you Virgin Atlantic, still showing that Britain certainly has got Talent. So then.. how many different films can you reference?

Posted by:Jonny Clark

3 replies on “Finally… A New (And Awesome) Safety Video For Pioneers Virgin Atlantic

  1. They make an aircraft crash feel fun and amusing! Which is not really the case 🙂 I wonder, how would this video make people who have a fear of flying feel?

  2. Fantastic !! great animation graphics (remain me my numerous hours watching the 4’s) will keep this in my Favs for sure. The best of Britishness, with cool movies tributes (kind of Cluedo) with Britannia so singular Grand sense of Humor… Don’t know why but laughed at loud with the “unshaved legs” during the Brace Position choreography ….Richard !!! you again !!!… Now you know the über trend is to fly unshaved..isn’t it Mr Clark ;-)…
    Safety!… which safety ?… we love to live dangerously and we dammed love this Red.. Hot… Inspiring British airline… Your remain my flying Heroes 4 ever. Love U Virgin

  3. Reblogged this on Flight Chic and commented:
    Virgin Atlantic were the first to think that Cabin Safety Videos should be both informative and fun. They set this trend in motion with memorable safety videos which caused quite a bit of attention from the Cabin Safety Community when they came out. They were right! This presentation works. It’s nice to have them contribute an entry for the new Cabin Safety Video Awards, and especially such a good one. They may have gone a while without a new development, but–Wow! This is very creative cinematography. Johny Clark is right. The timing is perfect for the Oscars..ready to join their sister award for aviation: The Cassies!

    Yes, folks, that’s my suggestion. If you have one better, I’m ready to hear it. Otherwise, the first Cassies will be awarded to a very creative airline at the end of this year!
    Now to pick the panel of judges…
    I have some great people in mind, and would also welcome anyone to apply.

    Great work, Virgin Atlantic! Keep it up.

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