RB New Uniform 1

Royal Brunei has just announced the latest in their branding developments at the new and improved airline. Today was the announcement of their new cabin crew uniforms, replacing the older (and bolder) red and yellow uniforms. The new uniforms follow the traditional Brunei fashion, and as stated by the airline, “the new collection reflects tradition, while evoking a modern simplicity.” The new threads will be launched in April to coincide with their Dreamliner launch to Melbourne

RB is proud that most of their project has been developed, implemented and completed in Brunei. Much of the design work was completed internally to ensure the new ensemble reflects Bruneian tradition. In addition, the fabrics have been carefully selected and tailored by Brunei based Khazanah Lady House, with matching shoes from BATA Brunei.

RB New Uniform 2

New female crew blouses have been tastefully detailed with traditional songket patterns along the hem, trim and back and flower patterns on the fabric. Colours will range from coral dust to morning sky to ‘fresh’ mint, based on the seniority of the crew. This warm spectrum of colours has been designed to reflect the friendly and welcoming nature of the new RB brand. Matching traditional headscarves and flowing chestnut brown skirts will complete the updated ensemble.

RB New Uniform 6

Male crew members will be wearing three-piece suits in matching brown, with a similar spectrum of Malay-inspired shirts and traditional standing collars. The male uniforms come across more considered in comparison to the girls, where you can see elements such as the shoulder pads hanging off of the shoulder.

Whilst we love the change and it’s great to see the use of locally sourced workmanship, it is sad to see the more opulent designs go. The previous designs had a print which was bold and striking, but the new designs, with their more subtle and sophisticated look do sit better within the cabin and have a much more modern cut. The release of the images doesn’t showcase the rest of the uniform, such as jackets, raincoats, or any other changes, but for a conservative country, these uniforms (more so the girls than the boys) could be elegant.

RB New Uniform 4

What we might have liked to have seen was more synergy with the new brand image. There are no references to the yellow sash livery (reserved for royalty), but yellow could have been a great key colour to really lift the uniforms further and modernise them especially in small doses such as the trim or lining. The name tags also sadly feel unconsidered. To us, there seems to be a lack of a uniform company being used which may be a mistake, as the uniform fits are a little awkward and there isn’t enough connection with the new brand and the uniform.

That said, the airline should be proud of constantly putting its feet forward. No doubt, through wearer trials the designs may be adapted, fine tuning the design to an international standard.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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