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We love ANA and their constant reinvention of their inflight product. The latest news, of the unveiling of their new flight attendant and customer service uniforms, is a welcome sight. Created by New York fashion designer Prabal Gurung, whose designs have been worn by First Lady Michelle Obama, the Duchess of Cambridge and Lady Gaga, the uniforms reflect ANA’s clean, modern and minimalist brand aesthetic and will be worn by more than 13,000 of the airline’s employees.

ANAuniform1 ANAuniform2

The designs, which mark the 10th generation of ANA uniforms, feature a combination of light gray jackets and charcoal skirts and pants, enriched with eye-catching accents of ANA’s trademark blue. To differentiate each of the uniforms, Gurung created brightly colored scarves and aprons that feature modern Japanese flower patterns, a nod to the airlines Japanese heritage and innovative brand and service outlook.

ANAuniform3 ANAuniform4

“ANA pays such close attention to detail and I wanted to celebrate this throughout the designs,” said Gurung. “My objective was a balance of elegance and timelessness with a modern, fresh appeal. It was also important to communicate ANA’s innovative approach while ensuring the crew members’ could express their individuality while representing the brand well. 

As the most visible form of branding, the new uniforms bring to life the essence of ANA’s focus on providing the highest level of Japanese hospitality and service while showcasing the airline’s passion for progress and reinvention. “I’m very proud of these beautifully designed uniforms produced with Mr. Gurung”, said ANA President and CEO Osamu Shinobe. “As a global, full service carrier, our hope is to present a rejuvenated and energetic image through these uniforms.”

ANAuniform5 ANAuniform6

The new uniforms will appear on ANA flight attendants, ground and lounge staff this winter. Whilst some might see this as a bit of a safe choice, put into context the uniforms work seamlessly with the rest of the soft product and hard product that ANA have created. We love the splashes of colour, and whilst the cuts are slightly boxy, the designs are inherently Japanese. We look forward to seeing these in real life later this year. 

Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “ANA Introduces New Prabal Gurung Uniforms

  1. interesting but a bit bland…would be nice to see some innovation with shape, fabrics…as only the Japanese can do.

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