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Recently there have been a few new amenity kits surfacing around the world, with Qantas and JAL recently releasing their kits. We take a look at two of the latest. Long gone are the cheap plastic looking bags. Airlines have invested heavily into beautiful keepsakes that will last for years. By partnering with some of the largest beauty and cosmetics brands, they are able to offer far superior products to their passengers. Whilst Emirates won the best international business class amenity kit (and quite rightly so) at the TravelPlus Amenity Bag Awards held in Hamburg, they have to keep working hard, as there are a few carriers on their tails.

Lufthansa First Class

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Lufthansa have launched their new Escada Amenity Kits for both men and women. Available for the next three months, there is a distinction between the amenities provided for men and women and individual both amenity kits and even more, pyjamas are tailored to satisfy guests’ individual needs. The gent’s kit includes socks, a sleeping mask, high quality ‘Uvex’ earplugs, a comb, pearl & dents toothbrush, a shoehorn and ‘La Mer’ face cream. For the ladies, there is also lip balm available. 

To compete with the all encompassing Emirates kit, Lufthansa will provide “Van Laack” pyjamas (top and trousers) and slippers.In the First Class washrooms guests will also find other cosmetic products such as high quality hand and face creams, thermal water sprays, shaving kits, cleansing tissues, mouthwash, combs to name but a few amenities.

Lufthansa Business Class

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Whilst a little more fun (and don’t expect any grass) the new business class amenity kits in Lufthansa, available in May and June 2014 have been designed to celebrate the World Cup in Brazil. The kit features a dental set, socks, an eye mask, ‘Uvex’ earplugs and for those real outdoor nuts – Nivea Mini Creme to help protect and repair.

Austrian Airlines


The new Austrian Airlines amenity kit – otherwise simply known as the “Austrian Tascherl” – is actually a practical comfort kit. In addition to a toothbrush and toothpaste, it also contains a sleep mask, earplugs as well as a refreshing towel. And all this is packed into a small kit featuring typically Austrian design. Started in March, 2014, and in a novel move, all long-haul guests can purchase the Austrian Tascherl for five euros during the duty free inflight sales service provided by the airline.


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