It’s no secret that we love how Fiji Airways have turned themselves around into a successful modern airline, and even with the recent departure of CEO Steven Pilcher, the carrier continues to impress. The latest campaign from the airlineWelcome To Our Home”, better aligns the airline with its goals and also reflects naturally with the Fijian experience.

Earlier in September Fiji Airways had a shout-out for nominations of individuals and families who deserved a special holiday experience. In a testament to the following the airline has in the area, they received around 1500 nominations in a span of two weeks with some really moving stories.

The three campaign videos tracks the stories of Fiji Airways winners, through their past hardships to the winning of this much-deserved holiday of a lifetime. We love the fact this campaign feels like a simple telling of a story, not overly played upon as some larger companies can do, so what you get is a very raw, emotional ride.

To support the campaign, the airline launched a microsite, telling the three stories in detail, and offering an insight into the heart of the carrier.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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