Singapore Airlines launched a new puzzle on Instagram today revealing a sneak peek image of their brand new premium economy seats. There are a few elements we don’t fully understand, such as a power socket that appears on an extendable footrest, (how comfy would that be to have a plug digging into your legs) or the headset plug socket situated in-between the seats, that seemingly will get knocked when the tray table cover is opened between the seats.

There are some elements we do like, such as the seat lamp that seems to be connected to the headrest, the twice extendable leg rests, and what seems to be a twin USB socket between the seats to charge your devices. The introduction of a new carpet may also mean a renovation of their economy cabin too (As business class and first class have already been refreshed)

There are bigger stories at work here though, mainly in the shape of a new brand image from the airline. Showcased in the airline’s two latest Facebook posts there seems to be a new typeface and colour scheme showcasing the brand. The light blue and gold stripes could indicate the colour scheme for Premium Economy, or an entirely brand new colour palette for the carrier. Perhaps this could indicate a new livery for the carrier too.



All this speculation however, should be put to rest tomorrow, when the carrier officially launches its new product.

Stay tuned!

Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Singapore Airlines Hint At More Than A New Seat With One Image

  1. The old Air New Zealand premium economy seats used to have their headphone sockets on the inside of the armrest – so it poked you in the thigh. Then each time you got out of the seat, it would yank the headphones out.

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