Austrian Airlines Uniform - Marina Hoermanseder 1

Austrian Airlines have been busy reinventing themselves recently, with new liveries, business class seats, and now a new uniform, which will be worn by about 3,500 Austrian Airlines employees. Move over Avianca and Virgin, there are new ‘ladies in red’ in town, with the latest threads  highlighting the airline’s signature colour (as seen in the image above, ignoring the awkward hand position of one of the crew). Striding ahead of her competition, Austrian designer Marina Hoermanseder won the airline over. Born in Vienna, Hoermanseder has lived and worked in Berlin for several years. Her fashion creations “stand for a pronounced individualism and fuses technical refinement with an exalted and elegant design” state Austrian Airlines.

Austrian Airlines Uniform - Marina Hoermanseder 9

According to the designer’s ideas, the rich red color will continue to be part of the Austrian Airlines uniform. However, there is a question whether the crew may be seeing ‘red’. The female employees will vote over the next four week whether to retain the red color of the shoes and stockings.

Austrian Airlines Uniform - Marina Hoermanseder 8

“Creating the design for the Austrian Airlines uniform was a very exciting task for me, and as an Austrian gave me a great deal of joy. In any case, I wanted to retain the bright red of Austrian Airlines because it gives the crew members a strong appearance”, says the designer Marina Hoermanseder.

Austrian Airlines Uniform - Marina Hoermanseder 6

Austrian Airlines employs a staff of approximately 6,000 employees, of whom 3,500 wear a uniform. In addition to the logistics requirements, the quality of the material also plays a crucial role. Every part of the uniform is subject to washing and wearing tests and laboratory analyses before being approved. A separate working group will support the launch of the new uniform and also play an important role.

“Our employees are the business card of Austrian Airlines. With the unmistakable uniform they are recognized at all airports worldwide. I’m looking forward to the further development and a new, modern Uniform style. Alone in 2014, we have spent more than 51,000 red Uniform pieces and accessories”, says Amir Aghamiri, Head of Brand Management at Austrian Airlines.

Austrian Airlines Uniform - Marina Hoermanseder 4

Move over Dorothy, our favourite look may be more Wizard of Oz (above), but considering the airline is the official carrier for Eurovision, the announcement just days before could be that little bit of camp we all secretly want to see right now. There’s nowhere like home, there’s nowhere like home….


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5 replies on “Ladies In Red. Austrian Launch Latest Threads

  1. it’s a really ugly uniform ! and all the models look like the hubots from the real humans tv series

  2. I personally feel that the uniforms have so much redness in it that it’s looking ugly and overdone. It’s not looking subtle and elegant. It’s harsh to the eyes. It could have been balanced by adding a splash of another colour in some form.

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