Now, if you have travelled on Brussels Airlines in business class recently, or one of Delta’s, or even Swiss for that matter, this wouldn’t come as news to you. As this seat is very similar to those offered by these other carriers. This new seating arrangement offered by Austrian Airlines, whilst saving space, gives everyone aisle access without having to step over someone else (something suffered by most people in British Airways Club World). It also allows for a forward facing position, still preferable by most. Big new 15″ touch screen TVs, usb ports, 100 hours of entertainment, air cushioned seats are order of the day. This is all a welcome step up, however it starts to really highlight the fact that our airline experiences are starting to merge. Economies of scale for airlines are now not only influencing the product offered onboard like never before, but also becoming more and more apparent. No surprises that both Swiss and Brussels are very close partners with Austrian.

This shouldn’t distract from the fact that Austrian Airlines however, have actually made a very good business class product here. Available on their entire long haul fleet by April next year, whether you are travelling on a 767 or 777 you’ll be able to experience privacy and comfort more than ever before, making destinations such as Male, New York or Bangkok a real competition between carriers.

One thing that does make Austrian stand apart from some of its competitors is the “Skychef”, only a few airlines still offer onboard chefs and hopefully Austrian will decide to keep them onboard.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

7 replies on “Austrian Airlines Boast A Familiar Looking “New” Business Class Seat

  1. Whats the best business class layout? Standard (like QR and SQ), Staggered (OS SN and LX), Reversed (BA UA), Herringbone (AC NZ VS) or Reverse Herringbone (CX)? I would imagine in terms of passenger comfort Reverse Herringbone is best because it gives every passenger isle access, good privacy and a window they can actually look out of. But in terms of efficiency and fitting in as many seats as possible Staggered is best, but I think it feels cramped since your legs go under the seat in front of you when laying down, its like an office cubicle.

    1. Yes, I have to admit, I’m not a great fan of Staggered, I find it fairly claustrophobic. My favourite is Herringbone by far as it’s the most spacious, and for individual passengers, very discreet. What’s yours?

      1. The problem with Herringbone is that (like those found on VS) you’re facing the isle so your back is to the window and you can’t see out of it. Sometimes the best IFE is watching the clouds pass by. And depending on how high the dividers are and how wide the seat is, it can also feel like a coffin (the old CX business class had this issue). The Standard layout offers the most room but lacks privacy (it’s almost like sitting in economy only the seat is bigger and reclines more). Reverse Herringbone is the best arrangement. It gives great privacy and you can actually see out the window!

        Plus it lets you get away with entertaining yourself inappropriately in-flight:

  2. Mixed feelings. This new seat is definitely a great improvement of their current seat, but the colors are so bland and boring! The current business class cabin has such an unique color palette which truly reminds me of Austria. It’s sad that they didn’t continue with this design.

  3. I agree totally. You see…Lufthansa..the German company bought Austrian out…so they lost a little identity. I always try and fly with them if I can. Great food and nice people and clean machines. No bed bugs.

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