B737-800 new style

Transaero last week received their latest Boeing 737-800, which as well as featuring the new ‘Sky Interior’ and WiFi capabilities, also features a whole new look for the carrier. The modernised design reflects the previous livery which was often mistaken for Air France. Originally slated to come in last year, the carrier decided to hold off on the new brand until the market picked up again, and now in 2015, the airline is proud to show off their new colours. Inside, the carrier has opted for two classes, not including the very special Imperial Class as it showed us back in 2013.


Designed by brand consultants StartJG, they believe the new look goes beyond a simple paint scheme “Crucially the new brand is a program of change, more than just a refreshed logo. While a refined and streamlined logo visually demonstrates this change.” The developers of the new style have preserved the colours of the well-known Transaero’s logo with a view to retain the identity of the brand, which has obtained strong positions.

9 - Transaero Inaug_at_DME_web

“Our company cares for its traditions and professional values. This attitude contributed to building up true team, even a kind of family, spirit in the company. The family is the key to the future. We want passengers who choose Transaero to feel truly surrounded by family care. Adhering to thetraditions, we modernize the image of the company. That’s why our new slogan is “To the future together.” said Olga Pleshakova, CEO Transaero Airlines.

4 - Transaero 737 Rus_web

“Transaero is a brand born of Russia, being built to meet the needs of the world’s travellers today and tomorrow. Start was introduced in March 2014. We began working collaboratively to establish a roadmap for change that would enable the brand to become more valued by passengers and more valuable as a business. With the relaunch of the brand identity Transaero has taken this opportunity in time, against a challenging economic environment, to take a confident step towards the future,” says Mike Curtis, Head of StartJG agency. “This is going to be the start of the next chapter for Transaero and an important step for the Russian airline industry.”

thedesignair american airlines tail 4

The new livery may look familiar… perhaps the livery was inspired by a drawing we put together back in 2013, for what we thought the new American livery should look like? That said and similarities aside, we like the new brand image of the carrier, it’s certainly bold and fresh but also more Western in its image appealing to a larger, more international audience. However the carrier has stayed true to its roots, offering the Russian language treatment of their logotype on the entry side, and the English version on the other, a visual statement of how proud the carrier is to be Russian.

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3 replies on “Transaero Show Off New Colours On A Brand New 737-800

  1. I’m curious to see if their order for 2 A380s ever materializes. And I’d love to see photos of their interiors, and if they’ve modified them or upgraded them from what exists on their current fleet, especially in Imperial (First) Class. Legend has it they’ll be here this year and will fly to New York and Vladivostok. I’ll not be holding my breath, though.

  2. Repeating my lost comment.

    A Russian design agency out of sheer interest and as practice developed Transaero rebranding concept in July 2013, sent it to Transaero but hard nothing back. Then in late 2013 Transaero decides to rebrand (secretly) and according to them hires StartJG. Now the new livery comes out in April with airline title above the windows. Then the plane flies to Bratislava and the title is repainted splash over the windows. Then the airlines is not happy and send the plane to Maastricht for the title to be repainted again above the windows (though in bigger lettering than the initial version).

    I suppose this is the first rebranding where the airlines repaints an actual plane several times just days and hours before delivery. Speaks volume about the British design bureau as well. Meanwhile the Russian agency (whose design was a way better and strangely enough somewhat repeated by the British) hear nothing.

    Only Transaero CEO denies any connection. StartJG meanwhile waited for three days after delivery before they posted a short description of work on their site where they only showed some renders of a plane and faux magazine pages. No details of the process, no intermediary drawings as it should be. Really strange and suspicious.

    I had a few posts with links to the original concept and repainting versions but am not leaving them all here as this might send the comment back to spam. Just one link to the post with the Russian rebrand concept – http://www.aviascope.com/2015/04/08/novaya-livreya-transaero/.

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