As of yesterday, Cebu Pacific started introducing a refreshed brand image, which will cover all of its brand touch points, including a livery during a progressive roll out. Proudly Filipino, the airline now uses the country’s natural canvas as inspiration, featuring shades of the Philippines’ land, sea, sky and sun.


“We have always prioritized building an extensive network within and from the Philippines, because we know how much air travel makes a difference in the lives of Filipinos. We bring the Philippine warmth and sense of fun everywhere we go. Now, with the Philippines natural colors on our logo, we showcase the country to the world,” said CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution Candice Iyog.  “The new branding is not just a tribute to our roots, but also a nod to the future. As we expand to farther shores, we look forward to being an even more relevant player in the wider, global market,” she added.


We like this new direction. The simplification of the logo, lowercase lettering and softer rounder edges match the current global trend of LCC’s to create bright, modern and accessible lifestyle brands. The retention of their mascot plane also is nice to see, appealing to a very particular audience demographic, and the new 3D design (which includes very cute sharklets) matches the aesthetic found in Pixar movies (such as Planes).

Whilst the carrier continues to roll out these new brand elements, we can expect to see the new, bright bold and refreshed livery take to the skies.


The tailfin treatment is very considered and instead of a pure repeat of the logo design on the tail fin, we are seeing an interpretation of it, creating a variety of curves, graphics and intersecting colour blocks, which has more interest, and with its simple treatment, is cheap to produce, and should have longevity, reducing the requirement for a rebrand a few years down the line. Well done Cebu Pacific, a job well done.

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Posted by:Jonny Clark

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