Concorde Bar close up

Today marks the launch of British Airways‘ brand new Concorde Bar in Singapore Changi airport Terminal 1. This marks the first in a series of luxury British Airways Concorde lounges opening across the world, designed by London based brand experience company Honour. The bar, named after the carriers original supersonic flagship aircraft, is exclusively available for BA’s FIRST passengers.

Concorde Bar seating area

Measuring an impressive 110 square metres, the new Concorde Bar has just 41 seats and is accessed by entering the passcode on a touchscreen next to the entrance, which eligible customers are given on their arrival at the lounge. Inside, travellers can enjoy classic and contemporary design features mixed with the latest technology – from the private dining booths, blackened oak cabinetry wall bar, to the OLED panels portraying scenes of the local Singapore skyline and cityscapes that changes reflecting the time of day.

Concorde Bar

Commenting on the design, Mike Crump, Partner at Honour, said: “We designed The Concorde Bar to give British Airways’ FIRST customers a dedicated and intimate space, with an elegant and timeless interior. The focal point is a cabinetry wall bar crafted in blackened oak, akin to the kind you would find in a private residence. The discrete branding and entrance to the Concorde Bar has created an air of mystique to the lounge, offering an exclusive space for those in the know.”

Concorde Bar view

British Airways has Concorde Room lounges dedicated for First Class customers at Heathrow T5 and New York JFK. The new Concorde Bar in Singapore is the first of its kind and aims to extend the exclusivity of the Concorde Rooms to some of the carrier’s key airports around the world.

Concorde Bar entrance

Whilst the space may not be as fully decked out as the Concorde Room in either Heathrow or JFK, British Airways have been smart in employing Honour to instil a ‘private members club’ atmosphere into some of its most prestigious outstations. The new design manages to mimic the design cues a passenger would expect for a British carrier with its hub in London, famous for its sophisticated nightlife. This installation is yet another hint at how British Airways are trying to push themselves forward as a quintessential luxury brand.

Concorde Bar sign

We love the air of mystery the entrance system adds to the experience, mixed with the sleek black panelling and unique fixtures and fittings wouldn’t be amiss in some of London’s finest hotels.

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