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Things have changed in our Top 10! Every month, our esteemed judge panel—which consists of industry experts, frequent travelers, industry analysts and aviation enthusiasts—votes its Top 10 airlines by measuring different elements such as Best Liveries, Business Classes, and so on. This month, we’ve announced our annual Passenger Choice awards. TheDesignAir asked the public to vote for their favorite airline brand, and the results are in, as voted by you.

10. Air New Zealand

787-9 air new zealand2

It’s no surprise to see Air New Zealand appear on our list. With its famous safety videos, excellent hard product, contemporary uniforms and excellent food and in-flight entertainment (IFE) offerings, Air New Zealand is well placed as a leading airline brand.

09. Emirates

Boarding cabin

One of the biggest airlines in the world, flying to countless countries, Emirates is one airline brand that almost everyone who flies will have heard of. With its increasing fleet of A380s and talk of a new First Class product, customers are starting to enjoy a better onboard experience. With its First Class suites and fully flat Business Class seats, an onboard bar and an excellent IFE system even in Economy, it is inevitable for Emirates to be on the list.

08. ANA

Boeing IPB to license for external use ANA Star Wars

With ANA’s votes mostly coming from within Japan, it’s obvious that it is a well loved brand on its home turf. Savvy travellers around the world are also starting to take note of the excellent inflight product found on this carrier. The three ANA Star Wars themed Boeings starting their trips around the world by the end of this year will be some of the coolest aircraft in the sky for 2016.

07. Qantas


Qantas has had a fantastic year and a great turnaround. With 787s on order, its finances turning a profit, and enhanced passenger experiences in all cabins, Qantas has won over the judges at TheDesignAir. No wonder it is also winning over passengers.

06. Etihad

Etihad A380 business class

Not everyone will have had the chance to fly Etihad yet, especially on its world-leading A380 product, but it’s great to see it on the list, proving that passengers are appreciating these flight experience enhancements. With Australian stars Nicole Kidman and Danni Minogue at the helm of the brand, Etihad is not only cool, but radiating sex appeal.


05. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

One of the best (if not the best) North American carriers, Hawaiian has scored highly with customers, showing that its brand has got what it takes to see off the competition. New lounges, new aircraft, and new routes have helped elevate the carrier in 2015, and, with A321s and the news of new cabin products on the horizon, 2016 will be even more interesting for passengers crossing the Pacific.

04. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines 777-300ER Business Class

The original luxury carrier, Singapore Airlines has held its own, and with 2015 bringing its new Premium Economy product to the fleet, SIA isn’t resting on its laurels. With the Singapore Girl, luxurious finishes, and smart slick product, Singapore Airlines is the epitome of airline luxury. No wonder it has done so well on our list.

03. Eva Air

Hello Kitty. Eva Air has a great following on its home turf and, until recently, ruled the roost. With excellent, international-quality hard product, great routes, and its famous Premium Economy, passengers are able to experience good products at a relatively affordable price. But what has probably positioned EVA so high is its connection with the Hello Kitty franchise, which has seen both liveries and aircraft interiors themed to Asia’s favourite cartoon character.

02. China Airlines


We are quite surprised to see China Airlines feature so high on the list, but there seems to be a lot of love for the carrier in Taiwan, maybe due to the next-generation program, which has seen new uniforms, food, IFE, hard product, aircraft, and lounges rolled out across its network. TheDesignAir judges were incredibly surprised and impressed by China Airlines’ turnaround over the past 18 months, and it seems to have paid off with passengers too.

01. Cathay Pacific


Taking top spot, Cathay Pacific has reaffirmed that it is the airline most loved by passengers around the world. Naturally, the carrier has excellent First and Business Class products and beautiful new lounges, including its brand new First Class lounge in Hong Kong. However, it is the carrier’s global use of social media, new advertising campaigns and marketing strategies that have allowed it to truly connect with passengers.

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4 replies on “TheDesignAir Top 10 ‘Passenger’s Choice’ Airline Brands 2015

  1. Strange not to see Swiss, Finnair or British Airways, in fact no European carrier. Surprised not to see Japan Airlines also.

  2. And where are Virgin Atlantic and Swiss? I am more than sure they should replace Emirates and Etihad on this list and land on top positions!

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