This month, Edelweiss launched a brand new livery for their fleet of aircraft. The subtle change in the look supports the leading Swiss leisure travel airline’s growth, and underscores its origins as well as reflecting its more premium in-flight product. As well as the new aircraft design, Edelweiss will also modernise the interior of its entire Airbus A320 fleet and install a Wireless Inflight Entertainment System.

At almost 20 years old, the refreshed look has been brought in just in time for its 20th anniversary. The current livery has pretty much remained the same since the company was founded. Bernd Bauer, CEO of Edelweiss: “We are proud of what we have achieved in the past, and we are taking this success with us into the future. We chose our new aircraft design to be an evolution, rather than a revolution.” Familiar details such as the red noses on the aircraft will be left unchanged.


The most noticeable changes include the oversized Edelweiss flower on the tail fin and the addition of the word “Switzerland” on the aircraft. “We want to clearly express our Swiss origins. We provide connections to the loveliest holiday destinations in Switzerland, and we delight people with Swiss quality. And we want our aircraft to reflect this,” he adds. The first Airbus A320 in the new design will start travelling on the Edelweiss network at the end of November 2015.

This new livery, which frankly is just a small tweak, has smartened up a fairly fun and playful livery, bringing it in-line with its sister airline Swiss. The cleaning up of the fuselage is also a smart touch to make the livery more elegant and more considered.

Eidelweiss Business Class

The new livery is just the tip of a wave of improvements however, and apart from also reintroducing Mauritius at the end of next year, the short-haul aircraft will also feature a brand new Wireless IFE offering. Over the coming months, Edelweiss will also convert all six of its Airbus A320s. The fleet are all being given a new cabin, which will increase people’s anticipation of their holiday as soon as they board. The new seats look lighter, and offer greater comfort and more legroom. At the same time, a Wireless Inflight Entertainment System will also be fitted to the entire Airbus A320 fleet. This will give passengers access to a range of entertainment options on their own laptop, tablet or smartphone via WLAN. The offer ranges from films, documentaries, TV series and music channels to a digital reading offer.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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