ATR 72-600 APNG MSN 1287

This may not be the most well-known airline internationally, but PNG Air certainly will be turning heads thanks to a new livery and brand developed by Principals Group, a brand strategy and identity company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Launched this month in Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea (one of the most challenging regions to fly) the new brand, name, livery, uniforms and corporate identity was launched.

ATR 72-600 APNG MSN 1287

This also coincided with the airline’s introduction of their very first ATR 72-600 aircraft, helping the airline modernise its aircraft from its current 14-strong Dash 8 fleet. “The strategic direction of ‘people connecting people’ was drawn from the airline’s claim to fly to more places in PNG than any other. This strongly influenced the striking new design, which has been widely lauded for its modern representation of PNG’s people and culture.” State Principals and their brand language division ‘XXVI’ in their press release.

Speaking on behalf of his design team, Principals Executive Creative Director Simon Wright said, “The design is fresh, unique, and clearly represents the best of Papua New Guinea. As with all our projects we took a brave direction, and PNG Air was perfectly willing to encourage our creative freedom.” He adds, “The outcome is spectacular and shows what can be achieved when the best creative minds are given the ultimate canvas – an aircraft.”

ATR 72-600 APNG MSN 1287

We have to agree, this is a very simple and bold livery, that sits with the likes of Fiji Airways, Hawaiian’s O’hana, and even Air Inuit, all of which have managed to capture the spirit of the region, using iconography that represent its roots in a simple repeating pattern. Its clean contemporary design also makes it distinctly iconic and the simple application of three colours makes the design even more striking. This new design not only lifts the image of the carrier, but also of the region as a whole.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 08.18.36

It seems we match the feelings of Principals Group, as their director Sandy Belford said, “What we have created here changes the game for airline branding, not just in PNG but across the region and the world. This is branding at its best, and we believe it will make a huge difference to the perception of this airline, and also of Papua New Guinea. We now look forward to helping PNG Air grow into a true force in aviation.”

Speaking after the launch, PNG Air CEO Muralee Siva commented, “From the strategy and the name, through to the aircraft livery and corporate identity, the work has been outstanding. We are thrilled, and this result is a credit to the entire team from Principals and XXVI who took our vision and made it better than we could ever have expected.”

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3 replies on “PNG Air Is The Latest Pacific Airline to Introduce New Livery And Brand

  1. The design is very modern and the colour palette used is brilliant. European airlines should learn something from this instead of going euro white all over showing lack of creativity. Looking at this new livery you feel ike travelling to Papua new Guinea.

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