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SWISS is the latest airline to take delivery of a brand new 777-300ER and yesterday they showed off the new aircraft to members of the media. Our reporter Sven Hennig was there to take a look at what we think is the latest ‘designer’ aircraft interior by London based Priestmangoode. In total, Swiss International Air Lines will receive nine new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, which will come into regular service in time for the summer schedules.

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The day also saw the opening of new SWISS First Class, Business Class and Senator Lounge facilities in Zurich Airport’s Terminal E. The two events usher in a new era for SWISS, in the air and on the ground, under its “Next-Generation Airline of Switzerland” strategy – similar to the strategy adopted by China Airlines to turn the carrier around.

The SWISS 777

In SWISS configuration the Boeing 777-300ER offers 340 seats: eight in First Class, 62 in Business Class and 270 in Economy Class. In comparison British Airways offers just shy of 300 and China Airlines offers 358 seats. These higher density aircraft such as Swiss and China Airlines are made possible by the adoption of 10 abreast seating in economy.

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To take a look at the cabin specifications in detail, check out our previous story on the Swiss 777 here. SWISS’s new Boeing 777-300ERs will largely be deployed on services to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Los Angeles, San Francisco, São Paulo and Tel Aviv.

The Big Picture

The New SWISS Lounges in Zurich

On the same day SWISS also unveiled a new wave of lounge facilities at Zurich Airport. In a formal ceremony this morning the new First Class, Senator and Business Class Lounges in the airport’s Terminal E were officially opened.

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These are no small lounges. Extending over more than 3,300 square metres and located conveniently close to the airline’s long-haul departure gates, the new suite of lounges feature an innovative zonal concept for the comfort and convenience of SWISS’s premium guests: open areas in which to sit and simply enjoy the stay, working areas with secluded workplaces and rest zones equipped with specially-developed seating offering genuine relaxation.

Business Class Lounge Images

The new lounges’ culinary highlights include “front cooking” areas where the chefs prepare selected fresh meals right in front of the guest, while the Senator Lounge boasts an exclusive Whisky Bar offering over 120 different whiskies. The SWISS First Lounge even features its own version of a five-star à la carte restaurant: whatever the time of day, guests can select the meal of their choice from an extensive menu.

First Class Lounge Images

All three lounges have access to a terrace with great views of the airport and the Swiss Alps beyond. And guests in the First Class Lounge can even enjoy a tasty fondue or raclette on the terrace in the winter months as they take in the spectacular vistas.

Senator Lounge Images


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7 replies on “SWISS Launch New Lounges And Show Off New 777

  1. Everything that swish is doing is impressive except that the economy layout is 10 abreast. Airlines need to maintain a certain level of sanity in designing their cabin density. They carry humans and not animals after all.

  2. Excellent photos! Thank you!! I kind of disagree with the above post— these planes have high quality seats/atmosphere as well as above average IFE systems. It is hardly like we are in a barn or cattle.

  3. Don’t care how the cows are seated or what kind of hay they’re fed as long as business and first passengers are well cared for. If you have problems with cow-class, stump up for a human class seat.

    Nice to hear the plan is to use the new metal on the Bangkok run as that’s where I’m based. Look forward to giving it a try.

    1. Wow! Some arrogance that!
      It is amazing how some people don’t have the brains to realize that it is the economy class that brings in the bulk of the revenue.
      Someday, you’ll too be forced to travel cow class. It often happens to the likes of you

      1. Sorry but that´s definitely wrong, a fully booked fist and business class and no sold economy seat is already profitable but a fully economy and no premium cabin ticket at same time has negative earnings.

        Anyhow it´s sad to see that Swiss minimized seat pitch in economy class, at the same time other ME3 airlines like Etihad care even for their guests traveling in coach. Don´t forget the most Business and First Class passengers startet flying in coach class.

  4. With 10 abreast, economy passengers would be wise to avoid the Swiss 777 and chose another carrier.
    First class looks great, the color palate and the sliding doors sealing off first lauds classy Swiss excellence.

  5. Thanks for the report and the nice pics. But please note, some lounge pictures are confused: it shows First Class Lounge dining area as Senator Lounge and some others!


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