Emirates Boeing 777-300ER

Emirates just announced their fourth daily flight to Dubai from London Gatwick airport, filling the large gap between the lunchtime and evening flight. Starting October 1st, the flight will take off at 16.50, it’s the perfect addition to the airline’s extensive nine other daily flights from the UK Capital.


With six flights from London Heathrow and four from Gatwick, plus the two Qantas codeshare flights, there is a fantastic sea of seats between the 10 A380s and two 777s operating the popular city pair now.

Emirates A380 EK216 106

Both airports have their benefits, and Gatwick boasts a brand new, exclusive drop-off zone for Emirates’ Chauffeur-drive service where porters will assist with their luggage. Emirates also operates a dedicated lounge for First and Business Class passengers which was recently refurbished.

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER

“Emirates started serving London Gatwick in July 1987; since then over 10 million passengers have travelled on the route. As a global hub for finance, business and tourism, London attracts travellers from all over the world,” commented Hubert Frach, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, West. “With British expats forming the largest western community in Dubai, it’s not surprising to witness continued strong demand for travel between Dubai and the five cities we currently serve in the UK,” added Frach.

Our top tip, if you want the “Jennifer Aniston” version of the Emirates experience, opt for the A380, as the business class cabin offers fully flat beds will all aisle access and the famous in-flight bar. The 777s, while at convenient times, don’t offer business class passengers the same experience. That said, based on the roll out of these London flights, expect these aircraft to be swapped to A380s in the not too distant future.


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4 replies on “Emirates Now To Offer 10 Daily Flights Between London And Dubai

  1. How is that story related to design? This stinks of covert advertising for Emirates in exchange for kickbacks

  2. This article may not speak of design. However, even if it’s a covert advertisement I don’t mind at all as it is aviation information after all and every website needs money to run at the end of the day.kudos to designair for not resorting to cheap ads on their home page. If they can generate money in this manner then it’s way better for all, I feel.

    1. Thank you Atul, normally we don’t reply, but just to be clear, we cover product, design and brand here, we felt this is fairly substantial route news for Emirates, and considering a large portion of our traffic is UK based, this is relevant to our audience. It’s true we rarely cover this kind of information, but it isn’t advertising, and we haven’t been paid to write this. Such advertorials, if we were ever to do them, would be flagged up as such!

      Thank you for the kind comments, and the only way we are keeping the site ad free is asking for donations, as we are sure you are aware!

      TheDesignAir team

  3. I don’t agree with the tone of the first comment but fully understand where it comes from. This website needs to decide what it wants to be. Either a place dedicated to design, marketing and branding or an all-things-to-everyone website by incorporating aviation news. Deciding to publish the Emirates routes story was a poor attempt at the latter because many other equally relevant news stories get ignored by this website all the time. If you want to be a place for general aviation news you need to do it well. Not a half-hearted attempt like this that makes people scratch their head because they no longer understand what you are standing for.
    Focus on what you are good at and leave the general aviation news business to the folks who already do it well. It’ll serve you to sharpen your profile.

    Often times it’s best to do what you do well and leave away the rest.

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