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Air France’s Latest Advertising Campaign, currently in French and English on their YouTube channel, highlights the various benefits with flying Air France. From cuisine, to comfort, to CDG, the airline is pushing its USPs with its traditionally ‘French’ flair.

In a series of five short one minute videos, Li, Louise and Charlotte guide us through five distinct Air France traits: Service, Comfort, Sky Priority, Gastronomy and CDG Airport.

The videos, shot in a similar style to the airline’s safety video, are heavily stylised and re-inforce the carriers recent designer-led product shift.

We love the videos here at TheDesignAir and applaud the carrier for its heavily stylised and instantly recognisable aesthetic that is becoming increasingly evident throughout the carrier’s brand, marketing and imagery.


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Posted by:Jonny Clark

4 replies on “Air France Latest Campaign Promotes Carrier’s Qualities With Familiar Quirky Style

  1. Air France has a long history of producing eye-catching, tongue-in-cheek advertisements.

    My favorites over the decades have included a series of wonderfully staged, achingly glamorous, 1950’s onboard photos of legendary actresses, such as Marlene Dietrich and Audrey Hepburn, each reclining in a first class seat aboard a Caravelle or a Viscount – elegantly-dressed, of course – and perusing an Air France timetable.

    Another series of ads, which ran in the early 1960’s, featured famous American film stars aboard Air France jets, or in the company’s ticket offices, with each star revealing just who had tipped them off to choosing the French flag carrier. One ad shows a smiling Kirk Douglas, standing at a 707’s First Class bar, and the caption reads “Shelley Winters insisted I fly Air France. It’s great!”
    In another of the ads, Yul Brynner is being served at his First Class seat from a spectacularly over-the-top appetizer cart that has enough food on it to stock an entire cruise ship midnight buffet, and the caption is “Gene Kelly is right – Air France is fantastic!”
    But my very favorite ad from that series features a dreamboat-handsome Rock Hudson, sitting at an Air France ticket desk and smiling broadly at the camera, above the caption “Judy Garland says Air France is fabulous. She’s right!” (I once saw this ad, blown-up to poster size, on the wall of a gay-owned travel agency!)

    No wonder this has been my favorite airline for over five decades!

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