This week saw the official opening of their latest designer lounge in Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport, the first for SkyTeam in the Gulf region. Catering to Elite Plus, First and Business Class passengers of the ten SkyTeam airlines flying to the airport. The new space spans over 960 square metres and can seat up to 180 guests.


The lounge follows Brandimage’s signature style, matching the curves and exposed timber structures found in the recently opened Hong Kong lounge. Titled ‘New Concept’ the new space features a living wall of plants, a familiar element found in all the SkyTeam lounges as well as a Digital Art Gallery, featuring works from a range of curated artists.

The lounge also features hot and cold snacks from a buffet bar, a fully stocked drinks bar, shower facilities, WiFi, a VIP room, children’s area and a dedicated TV room. Matching Dubai’s all day departures, the lounge is also open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Shared facilities like our new Dubai lounge are a tangible example of how SkyTeam airlines can offer a greatly enhanced airport experience to their customers through synergies,” said Perry Cantarutti, SkyTeam CEO and Managing Director. “Since we opened our first lounge in 2009 at London Heathrow, we have seen their value increase because they are popular with our customers while delivering benefits to our members’ businesses. Dubai is a rapidly emerging global aviation hub and the busiest airport in the world for international passengers, so this was a natural location for our latest lounge to meet the expectations of our premium passengers. We have plans to open more shared lounges across our network starting with Beijing later this year.”

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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