We are in love. It’s official. Alitalia’s new uniforms which were revealed yesterday in Rome epitomise the JetSet era nostalgia that airlines around the world are trying to recapture, but done with an iconic Italian twist that screams style and glamour.


Designed by Ettore Bilotta, a Milan based haute couturier, the striking new look has been designed and tailor-made by a team of nearly 500 people in Italy, with fabrics made in Tuscany, silk in Como, men’s uniforms tailored in Puglia, and leather accessories such as gloves in Naples, and shoes in the Marche region – all re-imagining the 1950’s and 60’s.


Cramer Ball, Chief Executive Officer of Alitalia, said: “We are introducing a new look which captures the spirit of Alitalia today as it continues on its journey of renewal and growth. In doing so, we also celebrate its illustrious 70 year history. Our aim was to create a stylish collection which would represent Italian excellence around the world. This is a country at the forefront of global style and design. The new uniforms complement the renaissance of the Alitalia brand and the rejuvenation of its aircraft fleet and products for its customers.”

Ettore Bilotta spoke with great pride on his collaboration with Alitalia, “Being given the opportunity to design the new uniforms for this much loved Italian symbol was very exciting and gave me the opportunity to create a special collection which symbolises Italy and our pride in Alitalia as its ambassador to the world. Alitalia is one of the most recognised airline brands in the world and I had to deliver something truly special. Working closely with Alitalia on every aspect of the design process was crucial. This ensured the whole project was created, managed and completed in Italy by Italians, and to showcase the arts, culture, people, design and landscapes of this great country.”

It’s not just about creating an iconic set of threads for Alitalia though, each element represents something inherently Italian. Ettore studied Italian architecture, monuments, and everyday lifestyles but elected to draw inspiration from the country’s landscapes, eventually focusing on the terraces of Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera.


These terraces were the inspiration for the new hat design, which exudes a style inspired by the glamorous 1950s and 1960s, when women always wore elegant and beautiful hats and gloves. Alitalia’s brief to the designer was to create a new style which would be timeless and enduring, by using classic Italian elements combined with everyday practicality for both male and female staff.


The new uniforms will be gradually introduced system-wide from early July and worn by Alitalia’s 5,700 cabin crew and ground crews, including check-in and lounge staff. New uniform designs are under way for the airline’s flight crew and operational staff.

We love the look and styling of the new outfits, which harks back to the aviation posters of the 1960’s. Both male and female uniforms, while very obviously Italian in colour and cut, reflect a bright, rich and vibrant brand that is fast emerging from a carrier that until a few years ago, was only truly loved by its loyal Italian passenger base. The new look, cabin designs, lounges and new marketing campaign featuring a brand new video, is showcasing Alitalia as the go to European carrier for a uniquely stylish experience. Hats off to you.. Actually, put them back on.

The Big Picture

Posted by:Jonny Clark

6 replies on “Alitalia’s New Uniforms Are Flagship Of New Brand Image

  1. The men look like they are at a wedding. Both look very sophisticated but are they easy to wear for the actual staff in a long shift and unusual hours? If I was working for them I’d want something far more practical and comfortable.

  2. I really wanted to love this wanna-be-retro uniform. But it’s not completely winning me over.

    The hats are terrific. And I like the red uniform pieces. Most of the green uniform pieces work for me too, though I can’t understand why so many different greens were selected: forest green, blue-green, acid green…

    It’s when these red and green pieces are worn together (such as the red uniform with green stockings) that the whole ‘uniform look’ falls apart for me.

    The all red uniform? Great. The all green uniform? Very smart. The red and green uniform pieces worn together? A sexy Santa’s elf.

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