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Yesterday saw the reveal of Iberia’s first A340-600 retrofitted with a brand new premium economy cabin. Announced back in October last year, the new cabin brought it in line with their fellow IAG partner British Airways, now offering three similar cabins instead of just two.


Starting in May, the new cabins will be found on flight to Chicago, New York and Bogota where the new cabins will be tested out by crew before heading out on flights to Mexico, Miami and Boston throughout the summer months.


The seats will be identical hard-products to those that will be employed on IAG’s new low-cost start up ‘Level’ later in the year. On Iberia, the cabin boasts full HD 12″ touchscreen displays, 20% more space between seat rows (now 37″) and wider seats at 48cms wide. The seats also recline 40% more compared to economy and the front row features a leg rest, while all seats offer adjustable head rests and built in tray tables.

IBERIA-turista premium-Entrete_alta

Iberia are also investing in their full premium economy experience including, priority check-in (something partner British Airways doesn’t offer Premium Economy passengers) priority boarding and an enhanced luggage allowance. Iberia are also investing in the usual perks associated with premium economy including welcome drinks, enhanced menus and toiletry kits.


The cabin certainly will be welcome on Iberia’s long haul flights, offering enhanced comfort, and while the product doesn’t offer any innovation past industry standard, it has invested in a seat that offers comfort, space and the perks we would expect of a Premium Economy product, and the additional bonus of priority check-in means that the product is even more attractive than partner British Airways. The new cabin will be also be rolled out across Iberia’s A350s when they come in to service next year.

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