Today saw the opening of reservations on Qantas’ much anticipated London-Perth-Melbourne route which will commence service 24th March 2018. Touting the airline’s most advanced aircraft the 787-9, the airline is boasting increased comfort on a cabin interior that’s been ‘designed with long-haul in mind’.

Launched on the same day, Qantas revealed its new heart-warming campaign ‘Feels like home’ which features London and the 787, promoting the new connection. “We’ve said the Qantas Dreamliner is a game changer, and that’s becoming real today,” Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said.

“The Kangaroo Route has kept changing with new technology. We’re conscious that this is a long flight, but not much longer than our Sydney to Dallas service. It’s the kind of route that the Dreamliner was created for, because of its built-in features to reduce jetlag and improve the overall travel experience.


The airline has opted for a lower seat count than most of its competitors. Qantas is also investing in tweaks to their standard in-flight service to help customers enjoy the journey more.


It’s certainly a long route. Touting a 17 hour flight time each way between London and Perth, it’s the third longest route in the world, and the longest that Qantas will operate. This may sound like an agonising trip but its also shaving one hour off the current London-Dubai-Melbourne Kangaroo route that it is replacing.


The 787, built for these long-haul routes will feature Qantas’ latest inflight products including Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy classes. Re-arranging the flight times, the airline is now also able to offer seamless connections between Perth and Los Angeles 6 days a week via Melbourne.

QF9/10 Flight Schedule

Flight Depart Arrive Days Aircraft
QF 9 MEL-PER 15:20 17:20 Daily B787-9
QF 9 PER-LHR 18:50 05:10 Daily B787-9
QF 10 LHR-PER+1 13:30 13:15 Daily B787-9
QF 10 PER-MEL 14:45 20:10 Daily B787-9
QF 95 MEL-LAX 21:40 19:00 Six days (not Tuesday) B787-9

It is exciting to see these new wave of aircraft fulfilling their potential, providing long-range flights, and airlines embracing the passenger needs by investing in increased passenger comfort. Qantas has also invested in comfort on the ground. Perth’s terminals are being upgraded to accommodate these international flights and will eventually operate from T3/4.

Fast facts

  • The 14,498km flight will take approximately 17 hours (slightly more or less depending on winds).
  • When it launches, it’s expected to be the third-longest passenger flight in the world.
  • It will be the longest flight on the Qantas network, followed by our non-stop A380 Sydney-Dallas service (13,730km).
  • It will also be the longest Boeing Dreamliner flight in the world.
  • The first regular passenger service from Australia to Europe adds to Qantas’ list of flying firsts, including:
    • First passenger jet services across the Pacific in 1959 with a B707.
    • First (and only) non-stop passenger flight from London to Sydney in 1989 with a B747-400.
    • First to operate the world’s largest passenger aircraft (A380) on the world’s longest route (Sydney-Dallas) in 2014.
  • The original Kangaroo route (from Sydney to London) started in 1947 and had the following stopovers over four day duration: Sydney, Darwin, Singapore, Calcutta, Karachi, Cairo, Castel Benito, Rome, London.
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4 replies on “Qantas Celebrates Opening Of Reservations Between London And Perth. Yes, non-stop.

  1. Another Darth Vader-inspired color scheme. And a seat pitch designed to insure that the seat back in front of you will recline smack into your face – unless you recline your own seat smack into the face of the person sitting behind you. Sheer torture. For 17 interminable hours.

    I’m wistful for the days when Australia-bound passengers could board ‘Chusan’, or perhaps ‘Orcades’, in Southampton and disembark several weeks later – tanned and rested – in Fremantle…

  2. When you’re flying business class it’s certainly nice not to have to break up the journey. More time for movies and to enjoy the onboard dining.

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