Hainan Airlines has elevated its uniform to unparalleled heights with the introduction of the new Laurence Xu designs, which were revealed at Paris Couture Week two days ago. The new uniforms that were showcased combine elements of classical, time-honored Oriental aesthetics and the silhouette of a modern Western suit, infusing new vigor and fashion into the attire.


These new designs are the fifth incarnation of the airline’s uniform. We absolutely love the interpretation of a Cheongsam, a stylish traditional Chinese dress for women usually worn on more formal occasions. The uniforms feature a collar overlaid with a pattern of auspicious clouds and a lower hem with a pattern alternating sea and mountains which contrasts with the collar’s clouds and sky, “drawing a comparison between a Hainan aircraft that has just taken off, and the roc, a mythical bird denoting strength, as it lifts into flight.”


The new threads maintain and add a new twist to the previous generations’ existing elements such as the Oriental art-inspired patterns and gray-color theme that have always been an essential part of the uniform’s design. But the elegant vibrant and iconic design will now be one of the most identifiable in an airport.


During the design process, Hainan Airlines and Laurence Xu met and talked frequently, going through more than 1,000 design blueprints and trying out more than one hundred samples of garments and accessories.

We love the new designs; modern, sleek and elegant. The new designs will launch this autumn.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

6 replies on “Hainan Airlines Launch Beautiful New Uniforms

  1. Beautiful…but practical? the real need is for North American airlines to step up and get out of the boring utility uniforms that they all wear. Why no style? Hawaiian is one of the few to step out of the box.

  2. The cheongsam is very beautiful, but many of those uniform pieces look wildly impractical. Having worn a pale grey flight attendant uniform years ago I can attest to the fact that dirt and grease marks (from various pieces of galley equipment) are almost impossible to avoid – and to remove.

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