777-200 Busienss Class 3

This week sees the last of American Airlines 47 Boeing 777-200ER aircraft to receive it’s retrofit. This means that the carrier can now boast lie-flat, aisle accessible seats in Business Class and International Wi-Fi on all 67 Boeing 777s in their fleet (which comprises 47 777-200ERs and 20 777-300ERs).

777-200 Busienss Class 2

The completion will be music to passengers ears, as this now means there is no chance of receiving the older product when flying on the routes served by 777s. There is a difference in product however, with the 200 aircraft receiving both the forward / rear facing seat configuration and the same BE super diamond seats found on the 787 Dreamliner. The 300ER features the original Cirrus forward-only facing seats (similar to Cathay Pacific) which offer equal passenger comfort.


American’s Boeing 777-200ER retrofit programme involved the installation of more than 13,200 brand new passenger seats, that’s more than double the number of seats than in the Sydney Opera House. A whopping 1,842 of these seats are in Business Class.

777-200 Busienss Class 1

If these beds were lined up top-to-tail they would be longer than Rodeo Drive, the same length as JFK’s runway 4L/22R or, three and a half times longer than Chicago’s Navy Pier

American currently operates 777 aircraft on scheduled international flights to the United States from: Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Santiago, Sao Paolo, Sydney and Tokyo (HND & NRT). It’s not just the pointy end that is receiving attention. American has turned its attention to fitting the new Premium Economy cabin to the 777-200ER fleet too, meaning there is an increasing American Airlines Premium Economy network around the world.

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