As we write this, the new Qantas QF9 Flight is airborne from Perth inbound to London Heathrow Airport, signalling a new era of direct flights between Australia and the UK, dramatically reducing the time to fly between Australia and London. While passengers connecting on to Sydney may not gain any extra time in flying this new route, for passengers originating on the West Coast of Australia, this is a welcome new route, and now plays host to one of the longest flights in the world to date.


While passengers can enjoy the 787-9 business class seats which offer all-aisle access and enhanced passenger comfort, the new lounge in Perth well become welcome respite for weary travellers who are about to, or have just experienced a 17-hour direct flight.


Fully aware of the impact a 17-hour flight across multiple time zones might have, Qantas has worked with Australian Industrial designer David Caon and SUMU design, in consultation with the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre using an evidence-based approach to wellness.


The lounge offers a range of unique features including ‘light therapy’ in the shower suites to help adjust the body clock, a wellbeing studio with stretching classes and a refresh area providing hydrating face products. Customers can dine in an open-air terrace with a BBQ serving gourmet dishes by Neil Perry.


Qantas Head of Customer Product & Service, Philip Capps, said an emphasis on wellness in the lounge design was a whole new approach to long-haul travel. It has more shower suites than any other lounge we can recall, at a whopping 15, and can seat up to 141 guests.


“We’ve brought together some of Australia’s best culinary, design and scientific minds to create a lounge experience that will help set our customers up to feel better throughout their journey,” said Mr Capps.


“This sophisticated lounge is the ideal space for customers to unwind in between flights. The design reflects the natural beauty of the WA landscape through natural light and colour choices, and offers some of the best local food and wine.”


The Perth International Transit Lounge is located in the new T3/T4 integrated domestic and international passenger hub at Perth Airport. The international wing features a streamlined immigration and customs area, a large outdoor deck with alfresco seating, food and beverage outlets and a Duty Free store.


The lounge is open to customers transiting in Perth when travelling on QF9 from Melbourne to London and QF10 from London to Melbourne. It is also open to customers beginning their journey in Perth to London. Eligible customers include customers travelling in Business, Gold, Platinum and Platinum One Frequent Flyers, oneworld Emerald and Sapphire customers and Qantas Club members and their guests.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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