Fragrances aren’t new to airlines, in fact, probably more airlines than you think have found ways to freshen and brand their aircraft through yet another sense. Joining the likes of Cathay Pacific, Delta, Turkish and Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic has launched a signature scent called ‘Air.’

Collaborating with British scent designer and candle chandler Rachel Vosper Virgin Atlantic has created the bespoke scent to “elevate the customer experience, on the ground and in the air”. This new fragrance has tried to embody warm and exotic notes inspired by the airline’s top destinations, and will be present at various points throughout the Virgin Atlantic experience to inspire feelings of adventure and relaxation.


Ensuring there is an olfactory brand throughout the passenger experience, the airline is now utilising the scent at check-in, airport gates, Clubhouses and boarding all cabins. But the airline is also now selling the fragrance as part of their on-board retail outfit, as well as selling on their online pre-order service too.


This new fragrance joins the ranks of other signature scents, such as the one from Cathay Pacific. To reinforce their elite status as one of the best airlines in the world, the Hong Kong based brand worked closely with Air Aroma to translate their brand into a unique signature scent.

Diffused throughout their first-class airport lounges, the Cathay Pacific scent reflects the brand ethos while seamlessly fitting into the aesthetics of the prestigious airport lounges. The use of materials like natural woods, onyx, limestone and bronze reflects the wellbeing focus of the lounge while giving it a contemporary luxury feel, the Air Aroma scent for Cathay Pacific is a mixture of subtle woods, white florals, and fresh green tea notes.

But there are dozens more examples of airlines using scent, from Singapore Airlines scented towels to United’s cabin scent and the use of flowers on aircraft and lounges. The sense of smell is another key brand enforcement, that helps build brand memories. Virgin’s decision to sell the scent is a clever twist, allowing passengers to reinforce their experience at home, as well as creating a branded up-sell.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Virgin Atlantic Latest Airline To Introduce Signature Scent

  1. i love the idea but more and more people are becoming allergic to any type of scent. Environmental sensitivity is a huge issue now (excuse the pun). We cant wear anything in my office here due to the health of a few of our coworkers.

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